Flowing; Stop To Smell The Roses

By Jo Phillips




Haven’t we all got that memory of stopping and smelling the roses? Well now you can relive the memory with Sisley’s new fragrance, Izia.

Certain scents can transcend us back in time and make us feel nostalgic. Inspired by the memory and desire to reproduce the rose garden hidden within the grounds of Łańcut Castle in Poland, Isabelle d’Ornano, matriarch of the family who owns Sisley, created Izia to be structured around a rose she which she frequently used in her bouquets.

The rose which was the inspiration for the scent bloomed only in late May and was adorned with gold flecks on the petals. It had an overpowering and bewitching scent which Isabel wanted to share with the world and was to become the starting point for Sisley’s fragrance Izia.

French perfumer, Amandine Clerc-Marie was Isabelle’s adviser throughout the production to recreate the smell of Isabelle’s bouquets. To enhance the delicate fragrance of the Rose scent, pink perppercorn and bergmote notes were added to bring a fresh luminosity to the perfume. Whereas warmer base notes of cedar, ambre and musks support the vibrant notes that echo the rose and bring a unique character to the feminine scent.

The colour and ephemeral beauty of the rose is further captured within the design of the bottle. Sculptor Bronislaw Kryzysztof created a uniquely delicate glass bottle in hues of light pink and yellow to be reminiscent of the rose petals. The abstracted shape of the glass catches the light and creates flickering shimmers to further reminisce the rose.

Since 1976, Sisley has been a family led company for three generations, and to continue the family focused theme Isabelle chose her niece Sonia, whose family comes from Łańcut Castle, to be the physical embodiment of the spirit of Izia.

As exceptional as the roses in Isabel’s garden, Izia is an enchanting fresh scent for the modern woman.

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