Strong beauty

By Noemie Hamon

Gods are the most powerful representation of the world. The power of love, destructing wars, rough seas, erupting volcanoes; each god is linked to an earthly element. Furthermore, nature is a powerful asset that can help you be healthy and strong, for some it is a gift from God. Why not discover the power and benefits of the God Hephaestus and his volcanoes? Read more about it in Strong beauty.

Vulcan was the Roman god of fire. For the greeks, he was called Hephaestus. He controlled the strength of volcanoes and created giant deserts, but he also forged the weapons of the gods. His symbol was a hammer and he was often represented as a robust and strong god.

He would have forged the whole palace of Olympus. Hephaestus was also said to have built the sturdy armour of Achilles, the sceptre of Zeus and other divine objects.

Hephaestus lived underground, his forge was also under the surface of the earth. Every time he hit metal small earthquakes happened and sometimes volcanos erupted. The fire god let his strength explode.

The lava comes from these volcanoes, hence the legend says that it would have an unknown force that would come from Hephaestus. He created these volcanoes and consequently this lava too, what if the legend was true? One brand wanted to know more about this mysterious beneficial ingredient and squeezed many benefits out of it.

Immunocologie describes itself as a ‘botani-clinical’ brand, what does this mean? They use science and perfect ingredients to assure you healthy, strong and beautiful skin. In fact, they study how the skin’s immunity works. Their goal is to restore the balance of the skin’s microbiome, the microorganisms that live on and protect our skin.

So how did this brand come out? Karen Ballou is the founder of the company, she understood the importance of skin and using natural products when she successfully battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

When she recovered she was looking for a natural, nourishing and effective skincare product. She couldn’t find it and aspired to create a product that would help build a healthy immune system. Therefore, Immunocologie was born in 2013. It empowers the skin barrier and is there to create a new healthy lifestyle routine.

This brand chooses its ingredient for the benefits they bring to the skin. Their latest product has benefits offered by Hephaestus. The strength of the blacksmith is transferred in lava minerals.

The brand uses these minerals and black lava rocks to create masks. It is combined with Magnesium, Iron, Kelp, Marine Algae, Glycerin and essential oil of Hibiscus. The result? A mask that gives you glowing, hydrated and healthy skin whenever you want.

The Lava Mask is not the only product that has benefits for your health and skin. The face serum is another product that could save your skin from all the imperfections you don’t want.

All the essential oils are combined to create a product that will plump, hydrate and soothe your skin for a radiant complexion. The principal ingredients are date desert essential oil, seed oil shea and shea seed butter.

Finally, another product that could quickly become an essential part of your skincare and beauty routine is the Vital Ionic Mist. This mist stands out from the others because of its principal ingredients.

First, Montmorillonite Clay, which is appreciated in skincare for its minerals and detoxifying properties. Then Kaolin Clay, with incredible cleansing properties and finally Illite Clay that has a lot of minerals. Spray over your face, neck and decolletage to hydrate your skin or as an extension of your cleansing ritual to ensure all dirt and makeup is removed from your skin.

The strength of the gods is within your reach, the goal of this brand is to ensure you a healthy and fit skin. Why not let yourself be tempted?

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You can find all these powerful products on Immunocologie website here.

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