Summer Capsule Collection

By Sana Joseph

As the temperature rises, so does the desire for the perfect getaway wardrobe. Packing for a trip can be challenging due to limited space, but a capsule wardrobe offers versatile and sleek designs that seamlessly transition from day to night. Read more on Summer Capsule Collection.

A capsule wardrobe is a thoughtfully curated collection of clothes that can be combined in various ways and includes all the essential garments required for everyday wear. Yet what it allows for is a minimal number of pieces that can be mixed and matched for maximum outfits; to have versatile outfits suitable for any occasion without possessing an excessive number of clothing items.

A Summer Capsule is a must-have for any vacation because it caters to all your style needs from morning to night, ensuring you are effortlessly well-dressed for every occasion, throughout your getaway

A capsule collection not only covers clothing but also offers comfort and elegance in footwear as well as essential accessories to hold all your wanderlust must-haves with ease.

Drawing inspiration from the most prestigious fashion houses, a capsule should boast a selection of dresses that epitomize grace and allure. Loewe’s Asymmetric one-shoulder maxi dress exudes timeless elegance, while La DoubleJ’s choux-tiered floral-print mini dress adds a touch of playfulness to your ensemble. Seek a more refined look with Erdem’s elegant Dalia midi dress that promises to make you the centre of attention at any summer soiree.

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Setting trends and captivating hearts, the Roy one-shoulder silk-twill dress from the La DoubleJ event in Lake Como has become a global bestseller and now it’s available for anyone’s summer adventures. If craving an iconic look, the ChloĆ© x Eres collection is an absolute must-have, featuring the irresistible Paloma skirt and the chic Patricia shirt, making sure to make a statement wherever it’s going.

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No vacation wardrobe is complete without the perfect accessories and an exquisite selection of sunglasses and sandals. Celine Eyewear’s cat-eye sunglasses and Loewe Eyewear’s tortoiseshell sunglasses are essential for achieving a chic and glamorous appearance under the sun. Loewe’s Ease sandals and ChloĆ©’s Lyna platform sandals strike the ideal balance between style and comfort in the footwear section.

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Embrace the magic of Summer wholesomely with an exclusive capsule, and let the imagination take flight as one embarks on a journey of fashion brilliance. From enchanting dresses to statement-making accessories, a good summer capsule can elevate anyone’s style and turn heads wherever the road leads. Indulge in the sartorial splendour and embrace the allure of a summer like no other with an exquisite capsule collection.

This time when you need a little restrain to keep the luggage lighter less really is more

In other news, we have BIMBA Y LOLA’s new Collaboration. Amidst the sun-kissed aura of summer, the resonance of #bimbaylolaLOVES resounds once more, entwining its essence with the souls at APAMP, the haven for Families of People with Cerebral Palsy Association.

From within the APAMP community, 14 souls, each a luminary of their own, have breathed life into a collection of ceramics. The vivid tapestry of their artistry finds a home exclusively within the digital confines of BIMBA Y LOLA’s digital domain.

Every piece, a testament to the intricate ties between hands, heart, and clay, carries a purpose beyond aesthetics. For with every transaction, every chosen piece, ripples of goodwill spread, as all proceeds pave the path to aid yet another charitable organization, chosen by the very hands that shaped these wonders.

And there, to encapsulate the essence of this union, stands PZ Today – the multi-hyphenate creator, Paris-born but Thailand-nurtured. Through the lens of their craft, the synergy of APAMP and BIMBA Y LOLA unfolds through a film. Nostalgia, like a cherished melody, colours the narrative. On the sandy shores, an 80s-inspired TV crew breathes life into the scene, engaging the artists of APAMP in candid conversations. Amid this, the ceramic embodiments of their dreams emerge, nestled by the shore and caressed by the sea breeze.

Where ceramic meets coastline, where film captures the essence of dreams, a collective identity is forged, breathing life into the notion that creativity can change lives.


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To know more about BIMBA Y LOLA’s new Collaboration click here

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