Summer with Friends

By Jo Phillips

Four Chilled Summer Party Ideas With Friends

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Do you need some fresh and exciting ideas to spice up your summer? Here are our four ideas that you can tick off for your summer evenings, to be spent in the sun with friends and family. Why not stock up on pale ales, craft lagers, and ciders, and get the tunes and vibes flowing all evening long.

BBQ party.

If you want to show off your ability as a grill master or pro chef, a BBQ on any sunny day is ideal for this type of get-together. Suggest to friends to bring a variety of different dishes, from potato salad, dips, and desserts. This is inexpensive as the costs can be spread between you all, and of course, music and drinks have to come hand in hand. This can be enjoyed by all ages, and you could pick up a few disposable barbeques before committing to investing in a family-sized BBQ.  

Boardgame Night

Why not host a board game night, weather dependent you could either have this inside or outside. Pick your favourite board games for a night of pure fun and laughter, making sure you bring the iconic games such as Cards against humanity, Pictionary and Monopoly.  These can never go wrong and will provide a night of comedy, make sure to supply a few snacks and drinks as well. This is also the perfect opportunity to try that new game you have had your eye on for a while.


Whether you are organising a picnic for 3 or 20 of your friends, a picnic can never go wrong and provides a great opportunity to socialise in the sun in a relaxed environment, for all ages. Bring a variety of food for everyone to enjoy, from healthy snacks such as fruits and salads to doughnuts and desserts to cater for all needs. Why not brush up on a few quick and easy picnic recipes to impress your friends?

Costume Party

If your friendship group are into a specific TV series or film, why not try to organise a party where you can dress up as your favourite characters? From Harry Potter to Squid Game, there are plenty of different themes you can choose from that haven’t been done before. Not only will you be able to get some great pictures from the event to post on social media, it will be one that you all remember for years to come. Regardless of what you choose, as long as the sun is shining and you are surrounded by all your favourite people you are bound to have a great time. Give one of these ideas a go- Why not give all four a try

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