Super Clean

By Jenni Mann

These days we have become more aware of our individual impact on the world than ever. It’s not doing our planet any favours or even our own bodies using harsh cleaning products. This year more than ever before, we have been forced to become even more conscious of our health and aware of what we are putting into our bodies and around our homes. We have a very real need to be super clean because of Covid 19, yet at the same time we want to be kind to our world and to ourselves. Here is how to be Super Clean and super kind all in one. Image on left Karin


It’s very interesting to see how many studies have been done to look at how the products we use to clean our homes affect our health. Bleach and common household cleaning supplies have been known to irritate the eyes the throat, cause headaches and even sad to say, cancer. Shockingly a recent study looked at the lung function in people who were employed in cleaning roles, and those who regularly clean their homes with cleaning detergents. It found that these peoples lung function was really impacted and had effects comparable with smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 10-20 years.

Meet Colt & Willow; a wonderful new plant- based alternative answer to our calls. With its new range of eco-conscious home cleaning products that are made in Britain using sustainable packaging, it is a great step forward. Committed to sustainability, their products come in long-lasting refillable glass bottles, and recyclable PET litre refills packages.


Shockingly, it’s not mandatory to list dangerous chemicals on cleaning products, but Colt & Willow list all of their ingredients clearly, so you will find no harsh detergents, phosphates, parabens’ etc that can be hidden. Keeping it all plant-based, their cleaning products have natural cleansing agents that disperse fat from all corners of the home and reduce any opportunities for cross-contamination. It’s not just the cleaning capabilities that are low impact on our bodies and planets’ health; they also smell divine.


With ingredients such as geranium leaf, rhubarb and lemon in their products, walking into a home that uses Colt & Willow could be like walking into a fresh British meadow in summertime.


In addition to smelling like your favourite daydream, all of these ingredients have purifying and healthy properties. Fopr example the essential oil, geranium leaf is often used in aromatherapy but is also well known for its antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.


When you use their washing up liquid it bubbles up giving the delicious scent of rhubarb. Rhubarb has wonderful cleansing properties and it has been found to be the natural worlds best alternative to chemical suds to gets pots and pans sparklingly clean.

Other ingredients are rosemary and lemon, which both have disinfecting properties and keep surfaces smelling fresh. Rosemary is highly recognised in the sustainable and eco-living community as a great alternative for a lot of cleaning products when mixed with white vinegar. Using lemons, of course, for cleaning doesn’t just give the room that invigorating and refreshing scent, but also acts as a natural bleach as it is antiseptic and antibacterial.


If you love to sound of household detergents that are super clean then this is what they have so far to offer:-


Eco friendly Rhubarb Washing up liquid

This biodegradable washing up liquid is tough enough to cut through the grease on your pans, but kind enough not to destroy your hands or the planet.

Available in a 470ml amber glass bottle or 1 Litre Refill when you need to top up.

It’s like the planet already knew we needed cleaning products before we did.

Eco Friendly Geranium Leaf All-purpose Cleaner

Combined power of this essential oil with plant-based cleaning ingredients to tackle pretty much anything in your house. This product is perfect for use on surfaces such as stove tops, tiles, bench tops, laminates, high chairs and not forgetting door handles.

Eco Friendly Rosemary, Lemon and Juniper Berry Bathroom Cleaner

Clean with notes from the garden, a splash of rosemary for its cleansing properties, a dash of lemon to keep things fresh and a hint of juniper berry to keep your space feeling relaxed.


Eco Friendly Fig and Cassis Potty Spray

The vast green fig produces epic amounts of pink blushed fruit. Keep this helpful spray handy for freshening and cleaning up in the bathroom. Comes in a 230ml glass bottle which is perfect for the WC.

Also available Eco-Friendly Grapefruit Wonder Scrub not featured here


Find out more at their website Colt & Willow. If you enjoyed Super Clean then why not read Face Up on natural facelifts

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