Sustainable by Design

By Yasmin Ayture

Sustainable by Design: The Lexus Design Award 2022. Its prestigious and back, The Lexus Design Award 2022 aims to nurture and support the next generation of creators worldwide; it’s open now to enter with innovative designs meeting the call for a sustainable future. Read more now in Sustainable by Design.

Attracting thousands of entries each year, the Lexus Design Award 2022 is continuously evolving as it seeks to become a platform for design innovation creating a better future. To enter, entrants need to express the three principles of the Lexus brand ‘anticipate’, ‘innovate’ and ‘captivate’, merging time, enchantment, and transformation into the fusion of design ideas.

The nexus of the designs is sustainability, looking forward to a brighter future for all, and attempting to be a part of that solution and convey it with captivating designs. True hope of a future, without worrying about climate change or degradation to the planet which now seems inconceivable as our awareness of the issues increase. Merging the mystique of hope with careful design, the Award encourages the creation of awe-inspiring designs.

Sustainability is more spoken about than ever before, reflecting the awareness we have as a society about the human contribution to climate change. Bridging design with sustainability combines the world of the future with the preservation of our world and all that’s contained within it, including talent for design and imagination which transcends possibility.

Designs have previously spanned the categories of Industrial Design, Architecture, Technology/Engineering, Interior Design, and Fashion Design and is open to professionals, students and design enthusiasts around the world, making this Award truly expansive, all-inclusive and unique.

Six finalists from the thousands of entrants will be selected from an elite judging panel, with the finalists being able to liaise with the renowned creators and receive unique mentoring to help their future growth.

Funding will be available to bring to life the finalists’ prototype developments with a budget of around £20,000 per finalist and one Grand Prix winner will be selected after this.

Indeed, the Lexus Design Award 2022 is now Open for Entries; submit your entry by October 10th 2021!

Another competition now open is the LOEWE Foundation, with open submissions for the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2022. International competitions harness talent and are catalysts for expression, motivation and willingness to dare, dream and design new things that transform vision into something real. It will take place in Seoul in spring next year and entries to the fifth edition of the prize will be accepted until 25 October 2021.

Takayuki Sakiyama, Japan
‘Chōtō: Listening to the Waves’, 2019

Once established as a private cultural foundation in 1988 by Enrique Loewe, the Foundation continues on to promote creativity, organise educational programs and protect cultural heritage in the creative, interlinking and expressive fields of poetry, dance, photography, design, art and craft.

Culture is a real pillar of the LOEWE Foundation brand, always aiming to engender a cooperative spirit through all endeavours. Indeed, you can enter in from around the globe to showcase and celebrate excellence, artistic merit and originality in modern craftsmanship.

The Prize seeks to acknowledge and support international artisans who demonstrate an exceptional ability to create objects of superior aesthetic value, with the winner set to receive 50,000 Euros.

Summarising the unique ethos and vision of the Prize, Jonathan Anderson states: ‘craft is always going to be modern. It is about creating objects that have a formula of their own and speak their own language, creating a dialogue that didn’t exist before. It is about newness as much as it is about tradition.’.

Fanglu Lin, China
‘SHE’, 2016
cotton and wood

The shortlisted works will then form the basis of an exhibition due to go on display in Seoul, South Korea from which the Prize’s Jury will select the winning piece. The competition is open to enter now Here and the digital exhibition can be seen Here.

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