Swing: Haley Bonar

By Yasmin Sholgami

Talented singer songwriter Haley Bonar has wowed us once again.  ‘From a cage’ is her new single off of the album’Last War’. With a simple and beautiful yet haunting voice it is easy to relate to the lyrics that Haley sings. Taking inspiration from Joni Mitchell, Maria Bamford and Cookie Mueller, Haley has a distinct sound that combines genres to suit everyone.

Haley Bonar Photo 4 credit Stephanie Colgan SMALL

The song is haunting, with her lyrics often being mumbled so that we are unsure what she’s singing about which makes us listen closely and gain a sense of intimacy. Intimacy with the singer and clarity with the lyrics. The video for ‘From a cage’, I think, is the repeating sequence of life, growth, and experience. Her recent song writing can only be described as edgy with sentimental characteristics. We certainly get drowned in her sound.

The track features the vocal talents of Justin Vernon and the video was directed by Josh Quigley. Haley will be hitting up London on the 29th of October and we definitely recommend you go and see her. 

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