By Leah Sinclair


The home is a focal point for many reasons. They can possess a space of comfort and familiarity for some, while certain items and trinkets within this sacred space can evoke memories of good times had in the past, present and possible future. Looking deeply into the presence of the home is the exhibition DOM – featuring the works of artists such as Aaron Koblin & Ben Tricklebank, Charlotte Colbert, Do Ho Suh and Elena Rendina.

Focusing on the spiritual entity of the home and the physical existence of its territorial presence, The Gazelli Art House will be transformed into the personal space of the other, where the imagined inhabitants start forming their own habits around the presented works.  This exhibition aims to present a transformed space which depicts the particular resident, and their personal space which reveals the relationship between the master of the home and their domain. 

DOM will take you from one space to another, exposing different interpretations and feelings on the physical and emotional power of the home, and will be open to the public from November 28th, 2014.


Exhibition Dates: 
28.11.14 – 17.01.2015
Gazelli Art House, 39 Dover Street, London W1S 4NN
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