Swing: Love the Pain of discovering New Music

By Jo Phillips

At the .Cent office we have a wide-ranging, eclectic taste in music and certainly a love for creatives who think out of the box, which is why we were pretty excited to view, and hear, the band new offering “Love the Pain” from East London singer-songwriter JAGGA.

Officially launching worldwide on digital release on 20th October 2014, we were privileged enough to hear the EP first hand, over a cuppa and chat with the man himself to find out more about his inspiration for the track and aesthetically eye-popping accompanying video, which you can view right here, right NOW:



.Cent: Tell us about your approach to your new track, Love the Pain

JAGGA: “”I never sit down to write and plan what’s going to happen or want to be pigeon-holed into a particular genre. This track has a lot of influences from Hip Hop to House as well as some Leftfield and ambient thrown into the mix.  At one point I was calling it the psychedelic church song because of the choral sounding falsetto and the distorted flute that runs through the track.

.Cent: What is it about?

JAGGA: “You know there are times in your life when you are tied to something, and even though you know its no good for you but yet at the same time you’ve been so caught up in the drama of it that you can’t let it go”

.Cent: You’ve got some interesting characters in the vid, tell us about the swinging rope..

JAGGA:  Whilst putting the song together I kept thinking about being ‘tied’, and not letting go, so I looked into how to make that idea come to life as an aesthetic using Shibari (Japanese art form using bondage and suspension)  and I met with this incredible creative called Gestalta who can tie and suspend herself, and suddenly it all started to come together.

.Cent: What can we expect next then?

JAGGA:  “Something with power… I don’t want my music to become formulaic so I’m always looking for new ways that I can develop and evolve my tracks and my vocal delivery, I want to leave people eager to see and hear what’s coming next.”

For more creative pleasure; check JAGGA’s social channel: www.facebook.com/jaggamusic.  Love the Pain indeed.

Director: Dominic O’Riordan

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