SWING: Making Waves

By Leah Sinclair


Marc Quinn’s ‘Making Waves, is a documentary delving deep into the inherent nature of creativity. Directed by BAFTA award winner Gerry Fox, this documentary gives an unprecedented insight into an artistic practice across the globe.

From the reworking of the Alison Lapper sculpture in Venice, to the unveiling of Quinn’s hypnotic giant bronze seashells in New York, to exhibitions of his work in Hong Kong and Istanbul – Quinn’s worldwide visit to various cities shows a delightful rapport with this subject and creates an entertaining insight into the journey of one of the UK’s most collectable artists.

As we jump from one country to another, and from one artist to the next, the viewer sees a fascinating journey on what it takes to be a successful artist in today’s contemporary art world.

‘Making Waves’ premieres October 16th at 21:00 at BFI London Film Festival Journey Strand
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