Swing: Simple Skincare

By Jo Phillips

It’s October and the evenings are closing in making everyone feel more tired. The balmy summer sunshine that we basked in is fast becoming a memory;  as is that subtle, slightly healthier sunkissed face, that I for one only fully appreciate as it pales away.  All that  is left are longer darker evenings, mirrored by the darker rings under my eyes and highlighted by slightly pastier and tired looking skin.

With the best will in the world I always try to keep to a beauty regime. I am lucky enough to have our amazing beauty editor at work to advise me on the best treatments and the latest developments in the world of skincare. What I don’t seem to have is time, the patience and sometimes put quite simply I don’t have the inclination. So the pendulum swings from too tired to care, to staring at my tired reflection and freaking out!

The solution came to me in the form of a one stop shop serum from BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM.  This little 15ml bottle struck me as being slightly expensive until I realised that this one little bottle would replace my eye cream, day moisturizer, night moisturizer and serum! This is one huge great tick straight away. Next huge tick is I only have to use it ONCE a day… yes ONCE before bed!

So what was the downside? I haven’t found one yet.  After a week my skin looked brighter and when I say brighter, I mean other people commenting on how bright my skin looked, brighter. The cherry on top is that this product is completely natural. The active ingredient in is Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a skin protein well known for its ability to trigger cell renewal, assist in wound healing and initiate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

It was developed in Iceland and over 30% of women over 30 use BIOEFFECT  there.  I’ve been told that it outsells tobacco and alcohol combined on British Airways flights too!

Another product that was suggested for ease of use was from a Scottish based company who produce  Pure Lochside Oil Purify Daily Face Oil,  It is a product that again you put on twice a day instead of the rigmarole of day, night, serums etc… The oil is 100% plant based and completely natural, it also smells

divine. I did have my reservations about using an oil on my face so regularly, especially being prone to breakouts,  but it was a dream to apply and my skin literally drank it leaving not even a trace of an oily residue.  Again my skin looked much brighter after a week or so and I very quickly grew to love using oil instead of cream.

So there you go – two products that are a one stop moisturising regime. If you can’t manage to keep this regime up then quite frankly you don’t deserve to have the glowing, plumped up skin that I am enjoying! I am a convert.



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