Swing: Swing your way through a journey of colour

By Jo Phillips

We love colour at .Cent magazine, so when we were invited to the launch of Jacques Azagury’s exciting new fragrance collection – based on his interpretations of colour – at his London atelier, obviously we were there quicker than you can say new perfume launch.


Taking some 3 years to develop and perfect, the collection of six new fragrances reflect Azagury’s clothing reputation; grand but with a modern edge, and this is exemplified further with the attention to detail on the design of the bottle:  pure crystal flacons with sharp, clean lines and a coloured accent designating which fragrance it is.

Via Azagury’s clever scented domes, (see below picture) we were taken on an olfactive journey from the innocence and purity of White, all the way through to the confident and powerful embodiment of Black, via a delightful sidestep of Yellow, Pink, Green and Wenge.   The scented domes are an exclusive concept developed by Intertrade’s Celso Fadelli and Cristiano Seganfreddo – Azagury’s perfume partners, and allow you to really discover the heart, soul and top notes of the perfume.


Generally unisex, each of the fragrances contains some wonderfully unusual ingredients and pairings such as grapefruit sorbet with clary sage, and benzoin and patchouli and are aimed to suit men and women at different times of the day, different times of the year.  They are an intriguing blend and smell divine – changing slightly as the scent adapts to your skin over time and creating a lingering impression.  Azagury told us he wanted to make a collection that was unlike anything he had smelt before, and we think he’s achieved it.


However if you prefer your colour interpretation to be more of the visual sense, then why don’t you check out the generous gift that American artist Cy Twombly bequeathed to the Tate whilst they are on show together.

Cent - Cy Twombly - untitled_bacchus_series

3 of Twombly’s Bacchus paintings and 5 bronze sculptures were generously donated to the museum so that art fans young and old alike could forever enjoy the abstract expressionist’s works.  They are on show at the Tate Modern now.  Go and take a journey and soak up the colour.

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