Swinging Satire

By Leah Sinclair


Jorg Tittell and John Aggs takes us on a satirical journey, with Ricky Rouse Has A Gun.

Bizarre and thrilling, yet cheery and beloved, Ricky Rouse Has A Gun takes the reader on a rollercoaster journey with endearing cartoon characters that you are sure to love.

The story follows Rick Rouse, a US army deserter who takes a job at Fengxian Amusment part, which is a family destination inspired by Western culture. When American terrorists take the entire park hostage, only Ricky Rouse can step up and save the day, where much more ensues.

Written by London-based screenwriter, Jorg Tittel and drawn by comic artist John Aggs, Ricky Rouse Has A Gun swings between brash cinematic scope to satirical commentary on US-China relations, and moves seamlessly within these themes with humour and utter ease.


Ricky Rouse Has A Gun is available to purchase on Amazon, and 33 pages of the novel can be downloaded here

Publisher: http://www.selfmadehero.com

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