Swinging Tamietini

By Jo Phillips

There is nothing like a great fruity martini to get a party swinging and when the party is to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the lady that is the Hotel Shangri-La California, one of the finest Art Deco hotels in the world, lead by the charismatic and creative head Tamie Adaya, then what’s not worth celebrating!



A fabulous cacophony of London cool met up at the  Glade Room at Sketch to cheer Tamie Adaya the creative director and owner of the hotel on not just the 75th year birthday, but also the coffee table book she has produced to document the anniversary.

The book is a large format glossy coffee table volume documenting the glamorous past present and future of the Art-Deco establishment. A pictorial history, covering fashion, social commentary and the glamour of a bygone era, with new images highlighting the modern amenities that are part of a two year project by Tamie to update the hotel.

Cornerstone of her remit was to ensure the integrity of the hotel remained and was honoured ensuring the Hotel Shangri-La never becomes just another ubiquitous modern hotel.

At her heart Tamie Adaya is a true creative and is big supporter of the arts. Therefore she wanted to ensure that the hotel carries on as a home from home retreat for creative people. Somewhere safe to relax in a modern salon sitting.

Hence the cocktail event last night, which very much reflected her ethos.  A small handful of creative glitterati congregated at Sketch London, drank delightful Champagne and Tamietinis – vodka and passion fruit cocktail – the signature cocktail from the Shangri-La. Canapes and mini bowls which were divine included Fois Gras with redcurrant jelly red pepper and enoki mushrooms, Beef Tatare with horseradish cream and caviar, King crab lettuce green apple and ginger, smoked Salmon Blinis with Jacob’s cream followed later in the evening by bowl food including Saffron risotto, Salmon coulibiac spinach and Paris Mushrooms and confit of Lamb with hummus and aubergine,  all devoured to a subtle rock and roll music background of classic Kinks.

The wonderful glade room with a modern art floral wall painting was set off with posies of cerise pink Yves Paiaget roses .  The room buzzed for the duration to fabulous creatives swapping stories, meeting old friends and making new ones

What better way to celebrate!




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