Swoon in June with SENSAI

By Jo Phillips


Japanese company, SENSAI Cosmetics, is a cutting edge brand dedicated to delivering anti-ageing skincare and make up. Combining advanced skincare technology with their signature ingredient, Koishimaru Silk, SENSAI consistently deliver a range of beauty products that work in harmony with the body, creating flawlessly silky skin.

Koishimaru Silk is a fibre once reserved for the imperial family. The silk stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, bathing skin cells in infinite moisture, nourishing, moisturising and making skin more beautiful.

The Saho ritual is vital to SENSAI Cosmetics. The regime is a three-step process focused on double cleansing, double moisturising and double application. Instructed to be practised the same way, every day for immaculate results, SENSAI believe the repetition the calming and thoughtful method, you can discover the key to silky skin.

Recent addition to their collection, the Silky Design Rouge lip crayon, is made up of a smooth nourishing formula, offering clear definition and customisable coverage. With six flattering shades inspired by the traditional reds of Japan, you can discover the perfect colour that’s right for you.

SENSAI have a range of products for all skin types, and to see which are best suited to your needs, visit a SENSAI counter to receive a comprehensive skincare counselling from one of their skincare experts and advisors.

Visit the SENSAI website to see their full collection

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