Take It Over: Juliette Ashby @ Jazz Café Camden

By Pascal Ebner

Juliette Ashby

Yesterday .Cent was invited to the EP launch of Juliette Ashby, a truly aspiring artist based in Camden – and that was exactly the place where we got to listen to her soulful sounds. Before we got to hear SoulShack founder Juliette Ashby and her accompanying band though, four more musicians (and bands) made sure to build up the excitement for the grand finale.

Amie J

For the opening act we got to hear Amie J, an artist from Plymouth, who made her mark in Camden Town and fascinated the audience with her powerful voice while igniting everyone’s spirit for the night. Amie’s love for Jazz music started with her grandmother’s singing and has ever since been her favorite genre, which is quite obvious when you hear her voice for the very first time. Have a listen:

Next up we had the pleasure to enjoy the music of Daniel E Walker, who assisted Juliette Ashby musically and impressed with his solo performance.


Afterwards Josh Standing and In’Sight, known artists at the Jazz Café Camden, surprised with their tremendous voices and proved the fact that cover songs are great to listen to – even if it’s not the original artist. For the time in between each band – Juliette’s sister Jessica made sure the people won’t leave their dance mood and stay excited.

After such an amazing set of musicians, we finally got to hear Juliette Ashby performing the five cracking tracks of her brand new EP “Take It Over”. Fans of smooth Reggae and R&B sounds will have the urge to hear more of Juliette – especially the live performance is one unique experience. Our personal favorite was the tune “Drop A Baby” – not moving to this sound is simply impossible – even the lyrics are easy to get and make you wanna sing along right away. During the gig Juliette dedicated two of her songs to a friend she lost – it was very brave of her to share this personal moment with everyone – yet still she was able to keep the vibe. Thumbs up!

“Launching my EP at Jazz Café Camden is special for me on so many levels. I’ve watched my own idols perform on this stage as well as my best friend.”

– Juliette Ashby

Her very first EP “Acoustic Emotions” was already a success and got introduced at BBC’s 1xtra in 2012 – Now Juliette introduces fans of hers to the new EP “Take It Over”, featuring the songs “No Regrets”, “Like A Bass Guitar”, “Drop A Baby”, “What We Hope For” and, of course, title track “Take It Over”. The EP will be available in early October. Those who want to convince themselves of Juliette’s sounds – check out the samples below:

You want to hear and know more about Juliette and her music? Make sure to pay her website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel and SoundCloud a visit! It’s worth your time! Juliette’s EP “Take It Over” can be pre-ordered now or purchased on 6 October.

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