Takes One to Know One

By Matilda Bourdillon

Calling all fashionistas and fashionista-wannabes. If you want to learn more about style, fashion and how to develop your own personal look, then ‘Fashion Wankers: It Takes One to Know One’ is a recommendable choice for you.   

This is the essential handbook for those who need direction in making their way in the confusing world of fashion and style, helping you decide what kind of fashionista you want to be or how to be a better one. Teaching you exactly what to do, and exactly not what to do this book will take you on a journey, discovering the fundamentals of fads and fashions and learning about the different style tribes available. By the end of it, you’ll know exactly what a ‘Fashion Wanker’ is and hopefully will enjoy creating a Fashion Wanker look of your own.   

The writer of such a book is the fabulous ‘Chic Geek’, also known as Marcus Jaye, a well-known blogger in the world of the fashion bloggers, who established himself online in 2009. His website www.thechicgeek.co.uk is recognised as one of the UK’s most respected and influential style blogs. His witty and informative impression of our zeitgeist gives us a better understanding of the fashion world, and makes it seem less of a daunting place.

Assisted by the beautifully unique illustrations by Oscar Mitchell, this book is not only a thoroughly enjoyable and informative read, it is also visually appealing. So, why not begin your fashion wanker journey by taking a look at this new release, it will introduce you to a side of fashion you never thought existed.

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