Tales of Love, Loss & Hope.

By Jo Phillips

Austin Basham, a Texan Singer Songwriter helps welcome this warmer spring weather all the way from the USA with a beautiful lyricism. His songs possess a poetic, contemplative ambiance, which is then cleverly filtered through layered instrumentals. Likened to the Folk stylings of Johnny Flynn, he is the perfect soundtrack to a sunny, albeit slightly chilly afternoon wandering through the city streets and allowing the imagination to bloom; emotive ideas intertwine as wild landscapes and tales of love, loss and hope come to mind.


His new single ‘Hollow Head, Hollow Heart’ is out now on i-tunes and Amazon.

Look out for his upcoming EP and possible shows on this side of the pond this summer.


Keep up to date with this young man’s wanderings here:

Image Courtesy of Austin Basham.
Artwork for upcoming EP by Lisa Marie Grigsby.

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