That Clean Feeling

By Heather Pantling

Clean Reserve, a brand of perfumery focusing on sustainability and luxury. Get that clean feeling, one new scent at a time.

There really is no lovelier feeling than climbing into freshly washed bed sheets. In fact, most of us would be unashamed to admit, that we actually look forward to it. The thought of settling in for a cozy night, wrapped in a cloud of fresh linen, at that moment there is quite literally nothing is more appealing. 

Thinking about it, the allure of fresh sheets is more than just a smell, it is the whole sense of feeling clean. We can trick ourselves into feeling cleaner than we actually are. When thinking of the word clean, lemon is perhaps the most commonly associated smell. With its citrus overtones, we get a sense that clean feeling, but lemon actually has antibacterial properties too. Making it a great hack for a more sustainable approach to cleaning.

But what does clean actually mean? In Japan, for example, the word clean also means beautiful. It is considered bad morals to have a dirty home, and guests are expected to wear house slippers while they visit someone else’s home. Washing your face and hands before entering the temple is common practice because the Gods are believed to hate dirt.  Cleanliness in Japan is culturally significant, tying into all aspects of life, even religion.

There is no harm in treating yourself to a small luxury once in a while. A room diffuser here or a candle there can really brighten up the home.

Launched in 2003, Clean Reserve aims to combine ethically sourcing with a luxury product, all at an affordable price. Clean’s products are free… from pretty much everything. No gluten, no parabens, no synthetics, and of course, no animals were harmed in the making of this perfume. Yet, the smell really is luxurious. Their whole idea is based on the feeling of being clean and smelling clean. So you can capture that clean sheet feeling, and carry it with you all day. Clean Reserve offers a whole world of new, fresh-smelling fragrances. Their most popular ‘warm cotton’, ‘rain’, ‘shower fresh’ and of course ‘the original’.

Recently the company has branched out into home fragrances as well. Clean Reserve’s new range includes natural blend soy candles, room diffusers, and a linen/room spray. Adding a touch of luxury and formality to a home. Each of the products comes in three different fragrances.

Rain natural soy blend Candle – the crisp freshness left after a rain shower passes.

Warm Cotton Liquid Reed Diffuser – the scent of freshly laundered sheets.

Fresh linens Linen and Room spray – the bright smell of clean linen.

So, it’s settled, there really is no better feeling than smelling, CLEAN!

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