That Connection

By Jo Phillips

In so many ways we give way so much information about ourselves and our life beliefs literally the moment we walk into a room. Our sub conscious body language is just the start. Each and everyone one of us has an energy we give out, our own signals if you like. We may not be totally aware we do this but how many times have you thought when meeting a stranger, ohh don’t like them or I really clicked with them. This is sometimes referred to as out sixth sense but how much do we tend to disregard it? How about by not engaging with it could cause you serve illness? This is only part of the story of Fleur Leussink, an extremely powerful successful Medium who works with all the big stars and who also is doing a world tour as well as having written her first book. Find out more in That Connection Here

Fleur says

“My students want to understand the fleeting intuitive moments they already have”.

Fleur knew from a very young age that she was a medium after all children are not naturally sceptical. Also so true to her, so natural a gift, so loose and easy to her why should she think it odd?

She did many unusual things she took for granted; things many adults want to dismiss (not just in children but also in themselves) yes she picked up information, saw dead people, saw colours around living people (their auras) , yet thankfully her parents always encouraged her. But later in life she went on to study medicine having spend many years not ‘feeling connected’ with the spirit world, so she almost dismissed herself. Well that was her mistake.

Initially studying went well until she became very sick and with a situation where no doctor could diagnose what was going on or what was wrong. So, in pure desperation she made an appointment with a psychic.

This person without any prior knowledge of her expressed immediately “well you are of course a psychic medium and because you are not living the life you should be, not fulfilling your purpose you have become ill and of course you could die.”

It became the catalyst for her introduction to herself; she’d always known who she really was, but was taken aback by the power of this situation. So step one back to herself, was to start meditating.

The pull was too much so she started reading for friends initially from her wardrobe (so know one could hear her hiding in there) because she was terrified people would find out and she even was still asking herself is this for real?

Initially she was deeply sceptical and this disbelief increased whilst learning about the workings of brain and how easy we can imprint ideas that are not true via it.

Yet from a scientific perspective all we actually are is energy, in the same idea we listen to music which are sound waves of energy why should the whole of the human experience be energy too? So why not accept we all have a ‘spirit’ side ot us

Think of it may be like this? The physical body holds our spirit body, which gives access to our intuition and allows us to receive psychic information and connect.

Fleur says

I know that the ability to sense something beyond the five senses is an innate ability everyone has and can expand upon”.

Everyone, after all, and without exception, has a spirit body and a signal that identifies them. A unique energy pattern; it is indestructible and eternal. Really it’s all about letting go of fear that there is something bigger than us; and not being in fear of ‘connection’.

Many cultures around the world talk of this ‘spirit energy’, or non physical part. Whether it is Soul, Life Force, Qi, or Purusha many belief systems and religious practices use these terms as every day parts of human existence.

Fleur again says

Consciousness, the act and awareness of being, continues to confound twenty- first-century scientists. “

So what if you are gifted not just with being in touch with your own ‘soul energy’ but those of others? and on top of that you can help aid and advise them? Then why wouldn’t you?

Fleur took quite some time to not only accept her gift but to almost accept she was not mad or a fake but was the real deal and since then she has gone on the huge success.

Again she says

” I was the translator; my job was to act as a bridge and facilitate a reunion between my client and their loved one in spirit or to their own spirit. No one was ever disconnected, they had only forgotten their way back home.”

With celebrity client list and up to three years waiting time for a reading, Fleur has created her first book .

Moving Beyond; Access Your intuition psychic ability and spirit connection, published Great Britain in 2021 by Yellow Kite An Imprint of Hodder & Stoughton An Hachette UK company

Fleur’s first book, Moving Beyond: Access Your Intuition, Psychic Ability and Spirit Connection offers the tools to give anyone their own spiritual experience. Fleur is on a mission to connect as many people as she can to their loved ones on the other side. She also teaches mentorship courses to help people with spiritual development and make intuition a part of their daily life.

The book is a journey towards building your own connection to spirit. It is written for any level of expertise. Written with the beginner in mind, it reference exercises and journal she herself uses and finds the power of them each time anew. After all the spiritual quest is a lifetime of lessons.

This journal is broken down into key areas for ease these including Intuition, Psychic ability, Spirit Communication and of course Moving Beyond.

Fleur describes in easy to understand language throughout the book and explains her meaning so we all navigate these terms above as

“intuition – as extrasensory information you receive about yourself”,

psychic ability-as extrasensory information you receive about others,”

And finally spirit communication as the natural ability to feel, hear and see our loved ones in the spirit world”

Not everyone who develops these skills needs to work as a psychic medium; that would be like saying every person who enjoys a Sunday morning run need to go and do the London marathon. But should you feel. ready to get a little more ‘in touch with your own needs’ then this book is a great start.

There are DIY exercises and a suggestion to keep a notebook to keep records of your own path. Let go and sink into the next journey on your own life path. you are brought a few steps closer to your true self, for healing, closure and growth. It is my greatest honour to be a small part of your journey.

Fleur is about to embark on an international tour of Live Shows, in March performing in Los Angeles, New York and London. (see dates below) She also, of course, does private readings again see links well as find a link to buy her book.

Fleur comes across quite simply as an empathetic person, caring, kind and full of light. She sees herself quite simply here to empower not trap us. No need to keep going for reading but learn from her how to read yourself, credit yourself, be in touch with the true version of yourself. Let her journey to finding herself be your guiding light to yourself.

Link to workshops Here:  Shows NYC 4 March Here Link to London Shows: 20th March at The Moth Club:  and 15th and 16th March at The Mandrake Hotel: And finally links to her book here.

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