The 4th Day of Christmas

By Jo Phillips

Shot 4

globe 4


The Iconic set


Rosewater Balancing Mist

Herbal Recovery Signature Serum

Activating Water Essence

Rose Hand Cream


Luxury bath collection


A selection of body creams

Perricone MD

No Makeup Lipstick


Superfood Super Skin


Superfood Facial Wash

Superfood Facial Oil

Superfood Day Cream

Temple Spa

Do Not Disturb, Peace & Relax Collection



 Relaxing bathing + massage oil; DRIFT AWAY

Calming mist for me & my space; QUIETUDE

Soothing face mask; BECALM

Comforting body cream; DUVET

 Aromatherapy resting cream; REPOSE


‘Stay all day Liquid Lipstick Set’

Kiss me; Beso, Beso Shimmer, Dolce


Morrocan Rose Otto Luxurious Hand Balm

 Beauty BLVD

Superior Lipkit

Glitter lips; Sparkling rose, Forbidden, Ruby Slippers


Assortment of 5 scented candles; Wood fire, Amber, Pomander, Benzoin, Opopanax

 Susanne Kaufmann-

Advent calendar


1)    Herbal Whey Bath nourishing

2)    De-stress Oil

3)    Shampoo Repair

4)    Witch Hazel Bath

5)    Foot Bath warming

6)    Shower/Shampoo Line M

7)    Hand Soap

8)    Oil Bath for the Senses

9)    Alkali Salt deacidifying

10)Muscle Release Oil

11) Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath

12) Body Butter

13) Mask Intensive Repair

14) Foot Cream warming

15) Herbal Bath Salt

16) Hand Lotion

17) Resculpting Oil

18) Oil Bath Winter

19) Shower/Shampoo

20) Body Lotion Line M

21) Herbal Whey Bath calming

22) Conditioner Repair

23) Detox Oil

24) St. John’s Wort Bath

Elemis- black wash bag (not shown)



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