Photo Studio

By Jo Phillips

The Advantages of Using a Photo Studio

Capturing a quality photo is a lot more difficult to do than it looks. While many think that it is as simple as point, shoot, and click, there are a litany of variables involved that can taint any photo shoot. Thankfully, there is a solution to be had.

By filming in a photo studio London, you can create a smoother experience than ever before. As a matter of fact, there are a few key advantages that come with using a studio space that you may not have been aware of.

Make Production Easier

When shooting on location, there are going to be inherent challenges. While professionals with years of experience may know how to best manage those challenges, it can still create a serious pain behind the scenes. Shooting in a studio is the best way to combat those issues.

Shooting in a studio allows for greater control over the entire production. Even when there are only a handful of people, the creative process can have myriad challenges. By controlling the space and eliminating variables, it creates a smoother production experience.

Don’t underestimate all that is involved in the production process. By shooting in a studio, you can ensure that you have all of your bases covered. This will all work to create a more optimal production experience.

Greater Repeatability

Photo shoots are about repetition. There is rarely such a thing as getting the first shot right. For that reason, the need for repeatability is necessary from beginning to end. The greater repeatability that can be achieved, the more versatility can be found in the shots.

After getting everything – background, set, and lights – setup, the images should remain largely the same except for what the subject is doing. That repeatability can be crucial, especially for eCommerce, product photography, and fashion.

That’s not even mentioning the sheer amount of time that can be saved by ensuring repeatability. Instead of having to stop and change setups, you can change positions and poses quickly and easily. Getting several different shots will take far less time to pull off than it would without that studio space.

The single most important part of any photo shoot is the lighting. While technology has come a long way and helped mitigate some of the challenges of shooting on location, it is still far from a perfect process. It could take several changes and adjustments to capture one shot.

Total Lighting Control

By choosing to use a studio space instead, you can gain total control of the lighting. Don’t wait for the sun to come out from behind the clouds. Don’t deal with sudden rain or high winds. In a studio setting, you can ensure that everything goes as planned.

Another benefit to controlling the light is gaining a better colour balance. Don’t deal with colour casts and ugly shadows that could otherwise ruin a perfectly good photo shoot.

Create the Optimal Background

Perhaps you want to have a natural setup compared to a studio. That’s fine and well but what if you want more backgrounds than that? That involves going from location to location, moving equipment and staff each time.

With a studio setup and a green screen, you can take your shoot anywhere at any time. Change backgrounds and sets quickly and easily, transitioning to new shots in a matter of minutes rather than hours. It is a great way to save both time and money on a longer shoot, too. With a green screen, the optimal background can be dropped in to make the image look perfect.

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