‘The Aperitif Moment’

By Olivia Newby

That show-stopping moment? A stolen glance lingers, stopping all in the room. That moment when all eyes and minds gracefully ponder her. The “I’ll have what she’s having?” moment. A great compliment about the drink in her hand; the bartender bewildered for a moment, “An excellent choice!” Exclaimed the graceful and stylish lady in appearance. Pulling out a purse, nonother than a bottle of Myrica Muse by Miller Harris. That’s the show-stopping moment, a perfume mistaken for a cocktail because of its charming rose mixed with spices and nuanced booze. Find out more about ‘The Aperitif Moment’ here.

Image by Abi Perkins. 

Not only has the scent been caught by the gentleman on a date but by all around the room. The use of natural materials sourced for the perfume might catch the eye of someone who opts for eco-conscious choices. The Myrica Muse is a perfume produced with up-cycled ingredients. Initially extracted from the bi-products the materials of freshly harvested plants. Up-cycled rose and patchouli natural oils are ethically extracted from freshly harvested plants. Providing a year-round commitment to the farmers who otherwise might only be supported during harvest seasons.

Star notes of the scent, of strawberry, rose, and rum. But how do these aromatic scents complement one another? 


The fresh fruit note of strawberry adds a fruitiness, to create an effect that is clean and sophisticated. Combined with bayberry, otherwise known as ‘myrica’ is the muse behind the perfume by Miller Harris. Bayberry contains a slightly peppery tone that adds a touch of warmth and energy. A touch of tangerine also gives a slight fruity kick to the scent. 


For the sustainable scent used for the fragrance, the bi-product of natural extraction is used to gain the subtle notes of rose into the perfume. Known as the heart of perfume the scent brings a subtle fruitiness to compliment the peony. 


A liquor that brings warming ingredients creating a rich and powerful mood with raisins alongside a woody dry-down impression. The rum essence; is a lasting injection of retro charm.

Creating the retro charm to the perfume, Rum is brought from Réunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean.  Rum after all makes for a wonderful cocktail and it is treasured on Réunion Island. There are three rum distilleries that dominate the local rum production on the island: in Saint-André is the Savanna distillery, the Rivière du Mat distillery in Saint-Benoît, and the Isautier distillery in Saint-Pierre.

The Myrica Muse perfume is welcomed into the Colour Collection amongst Miller Harris’s previous scents. Included in the Colour Collection are the Violet Ida, Powdered Veil, and Peau Santal fragrances.

Joined with Miller Harris to create the timeless floral scent was perfumer Emilie Bougé. Some of Bougé’s favourite notes are woods, sugar, and orientals.

Inspired by this perfume Bougé captured the idea of the ‘aperitif moment’. The sense of a fruity-floral cocktail. Glamour and sophistication are words that come to the forefront when spraying this fragrance. Juicy red fruits of strawberry and bayberry combined with energetic natural tangerine and lightly spiced pink pepper in fruity alluring notes that ‘steal the moment’. 

The night out is called by its aperitif moment, the couple allowing themselves to ‘drink in’ the moment. The notes of rum are in the air; the drinks have been finished but the scent isn’t absent. The night continues, and the Myrica Muse perfume follows on to the next cocktail bar. The perfume is the statement of an aperitif moment, one to steal the show. 

To find out more about the new Myrica Muse perfume by Miller Harris please visit millerharris.com here.

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