The art of Christian Louboutin

By Natasha Nitturkar

Oscar Wilde once said, “ One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art”. here we share about the art of Christian Louboutin


But art is not just pieces you hang up on the wall or erect in the middle of a street. Art exists everywhere, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat.

Art is a form of communication. It helps to express one’s feelings, thoughts, and expressions. Be it the painters, architects, sculptors or contemporary concept installation artists, the creative mind comes in many forms and often has varied influences.  

The convergence of art and fashion is symbiotic. Fashion is like a form of art that lives on a daily basis, attached to the human canvases. It can shape a person’s identity and help them to communicate who they are, who they want to be, where they are going and where they have been. 

And that’s what shoemaker, Christian Louboutin’s L’Exhibition at the Palais de la Porte Dorée is all about. 

Born in Paris 12th arrondissement, just a few blocks away from the Palais de la Porte Dorée, Christian Louboutin was fascinated by the architectural beauty of the museum and its collections. It was here that the then young Christian, noticed a sign-forbidding visitors to wear high-heeled shoes that subsequently inspired his iconic Pigalle shoe. 

The museum was also Christian’s inspiration for his first creations, like the Maquereau shoe made of metallic leather, which was a tribute to the fish scale from the Aquarium Tropical. 

Fashion in many ways is a manifestation of human art and communication and the designer plays a key role in combining them. The flow of the fabric, the cuts, the layers, the texture and the way it wraps around its canvas can elevate you to a whole new level. Think about how you feel when you find that perfect pair of jeans that snugs in so well or that pair of heels that don’t hurt and look spectacular. 

Talking about heels, no one does it better than Mr Christian. Although famous for his red sole, the shoemaker from the very beginning has infused his designs with a great wealth of motifs and colours inspired by his love of art and travel, along with references of pop culture, theatre, dance, literature and cinema. 

The exhibition at the Palais de la Porte Dorée, will take one through Christian Louboutin creative universe and is set to reveal his imagination and inspirations.

A large selection of shoes will be presented alongside many collaborations and unique projects with artists such as David Lynch, Lisa Reihana, Whitaker Malem, Blanca Li and Imran Qureshi.

Fashion for some can be just a pair of clothing, a plain necessity, but if given enough thought it can also be a reflection of who you are and powerful enough to become who you want to be. 


For information on the exhibition please check the website here

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