The Barbour Way

By Bella Pallett

When the sun slowly rises, casting its rays over the rolling green hills of the countryside, the beauty of the outdoors is captured in full, each scent of wildflowers and blooms filling the air. The morning mist lifting to reveal the green grass and bright blue sky as the day is only just beginning is a special moment. As we embrace a slower pace to life and appreciate the small things, the countryside remains an endless source of adventure, one to wander in and explore, fun to craft memories that last forever. Read more in The Barbour Way.

Inspired by the outdoors, iconic clothing brand Barbour has released a new range of fragrances. Designed with a contemporary aesthetic, there are two fragrances in the range, Barbour For Him and Barbour For Her. Inspired by Barbour’s love of the outdoors both fragrances showcase the Barbour Way of Life.

The Barbour Way of Life celebrates the small things, taking a stroll down a country lane, enjoying a short burst of sunshine, or simply taking your four-legged companion for a walk. Because of this, the two scents have been designed to be ideal for a relaxing weekend getaway, spending time with friends and family, or even just a walk in the countryside, the two scents are an ode to their British roots.

The Barber Way

Barbour For Him is a nod to Barbour’s Scottish heritage and contains a blend of woody notes of cedar, guaiac wood and vetiver, blended with amber and musk for a sense of depth and warmth. Topped with a sharp citrus top enhanced by a spicy heart of cardamom, baies roses and black pepper, the scent is timeless.

Whilst Barbour For Him transports you to Scottish Woodlands, Barbour For Her is a homage to the British meadows. Crafted from a jasmine and tuberose floral heart, the fragrance is grounded by a gourmand tonka and orris base. A refreshing sense of calm energy is created by the top notes through a blend of citrus and green notes which infuse the perfume. Reminiscent of strolling through flower-filled meadows whilst drinking fresh lemonade, the scent is crafted as an ode to the beauty of the earth.

The timeless and stylish scents are housed in glass flask-shaped bottles with overlays of Barbours signature wax finish and a bold contrast tartan trim to reflect the brand’s Scottish roots.

Crafted with attention to detail, the bottle cap is engraved with a leather strip for a further touch of elegant simplicity. The two scents are available in both 100ml and 50ml measurements for both daily use and practicality. To help ensure the bottles are sustainable, they are all engineered to be refillable.

Be transported to the Scottish woodlands or British meadows as you immerse yourself in the beauty of the outdoors with these thoughtfully crafted scents that celebrate British heritage.

Find out more about the two new fragrances here.

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