The Details: Iconic Men’s Accessories

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

The Details: Iconic Men’s Accessories – Josh Sims

Contemporary Men’s Fashion has not only been shaped by fashion garments and time period, but also by the accessories that were worn with each outift. The Details looks at personalities that rocked the accessories. The Details is the ultimate book for classic men’s accessories. It takes a look at the design , the heritage and how each accessory¬†shaped the world of contemporary men’s fashion .


The eras developed and helped shaped the iconic accessories that can still be found in the world of fashion today. James Dean took the ‘worn’ boot look to a staple style within the 1950’s before this they where worn by engineers and loggers. Bandana’s that can be seen not only in todays fashion but are associated with the rebels can go back as far as the 1700’s.


“Josh Sims is a freelance writer and editor, contributing to the likes of The Financial Times, The Independent and Wallpaper. He is also the author of Cult Streetwear, Icon’s of Men’s Style, 100 Idea that Changed Street Style and Icon’s of Women’s Style”¬†

The Details is the perfect incite into Men’s Fashion and is paired perfectly with Josh Sims’ Icons of Men’s Style. Taking a look back at the pocket watch down to beautifully classic watches The Details does nothing but compliment and pinpoint iconic and must have accessories every man should own. The Details is ready to pre-order on Amazon and will be available everywhere from September.


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