The Fabulous World of The Skin Geek.

By Jo Phillips

Not so long ago, a facial was simply about supporting our skin barrier and its function, brightening the complexion while targeting visible signs of skin aging. Seen as a luxurious activity for many a lady who lunched. However, the world has literally turned on its head. The facialist is now up there with doctors on skill levels and practices. The knowledge is deeper than our layers of skin. These new treatments are much more about what these skilled practitioners work with, in way of technology and knowledge. But the most important element of any person who is going to touch a face is that there is real trust in what they are doing. We all want our skin to glow with life but who to trust? Find out more in The Fabulous World of The Skin Geek

Our skin is made up of three layers, the Epidermis, Dermis, and Hypodermis. Each of the three differs significantly in their anatomy and function. The skin’s structure is made up of an intricate network that serves as the body’s initial barrier against pathogens, UV light, chemicals, and mechanical injury. Initially, skincare was always about looking after the top layer, the Epidermis.

But science has changed everything alongside deep learning, training, and products that can actually get passed the top protective layer in order to treat beyond what we surfacely look at.

Electronic beauty treatments have played a huge part, technology is after all, how much of life is moved forward. Think, Laser Genesis, Radio Frequency, NanoFractional RF, Dermaplaning, Microneedling, as well as basic relaxing facial massage. But before you think about such workouts for your face you want to ensure the practitioner does this in a ‘holistic meets technology’ way.

When someone touches your face in order to carry out a beauty treatment it can feel as personal as a lover’s touch. So intimate is this area our face neck and even hands that it needs to be a truly trusting relationship.

Not just when using hard-core equipment but also when a deep massage is completed with hands. After all, facialists are doing workouts with the muscles on our faces in order to kick-start the very structure under the skin to work at its best for us.

Facial Muscle Stimulation, or facial workouts, simply activate and work the 40 muscles in your face to make them firmer. Not only does it firm and tighten the skin, but also stimulates collagen. This is the protein that makes our face look younger, helps with skin renewal, and reduces fine lines.

So if trust is the most important part (as well as treatments that work) maybe someone who teaches others is a good person to work on your face?

Meet Nicola Russell, AKA the Skin Geek. Nicola Russell is widely revered as an authority on skin care in the UK. Over her two-decade career, she has established herself as an award-winning facialist and respected skincare expert.

She is one of the UK’s leading skincare figureheads with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, not just a practitioner but also a trainer and teacher to others.

Nicola first experienced her passion for beauty therapy while backpacking through Australia, specifically visiting Bondi Beach salons during this expedition. This spark led to an HND qualification in Beauty Therapy as her career path. She began working in salons and spas aboard cruise ships before transitioning into becoming an esteemed beauty therapist, educator, and lecturer.

“I’m passionate about skincare routines!  If I get full reign on a client’s skincare routine, then I know I can transform their skin! I was one of the first people to do just facials, I would get messages asking for waxing and I’d say I only do facials and people would think I was mad!  I build good, integral relationships really quickly with clients, making them feel really comfortable and welcome. I am very honest and transparent with them. I have never offered a treatment or sold a product to someone that didn’t need it.”

Nicola Russell

Russell launched her entrepreneurial journey with the opening of the “Skin Geek” salon in Falkirk in her native Scotland. As evidence of its unprecedented popularity, her schedule remains consistently full.

In 2015, Nicola introduced Dermaplaning to the UK and she is considered one of the UK’s leading micro-needling experts and has trained over 1000 students in dermaplaning all over the world. 

At the Skin Geek clinic, there is a series of different treatments and programmes that provide beauty lovers plentiful choice.

Her skincare offering specializes in groundbreaking treatments, where ‘technology meets holistic’ care. Machinery is there but all done with the touch of an expert guiding hand as well. Laser Genesis, Radio Frequency, NanoFractional RF, Dermaplaning, Microneedling, as well as basic relaxing facial massage.

On top of that, she also has her own line of deeply respected products. The Skin Geek collection is, best known for its Glycolic Cream Cleanser and Skin Refining Polish, which come paired with an array of beauty gadgets designed to replicate a luxurious facial experience at home. It brightens, smooths, and fights free radicals, an anti-aging creamy cleanser formulated with glycolic acid and vitamin C.

Her Skin Geek Buff™ + Bright Serum is a multi-tasking product packed with active ingredients to noticeably boost the clarity, brightness, texture and balance the oil levels of your skin. It is perfect for normal all the way to oily and acne-prone skin types.

Spend time indulging with her Skin Geek™ Hydra Boost Face Mask. It is infused with powerful humectants, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants to leave skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, smooth and rejuvenated. The clever design allows it to sit perfectly on the skin.

An absolutely joyous home product is the Skin Geek™ Cleansing Mitts. Double-sided mitts for the perfect deep cleansing routine use the soft side for eye makeup removal, and/or on sensitive skin and use the textured side for a thorough cleanse.

Without any surgery or downtime, her highly advanced non-invasive medical devices, are a short relaxing time in her clinic, with customers returning with better facial shaping and tightening. Clearer and with less problematic issues.

Nicola this self-confessed geek whose perfectionism and obsession with all things skin-related has made her one of the most sought-after facialists in the world. And just just also happens to be a very safe pair of hands

Find all products and information on the clinic here

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