The Force of Nature

By Bella Pallett

There is a glint of light as a butterfly dances by, skirting around the obstacles in its path whilst sunlight reflects off of its small yet powerful wings. Catching the attention of a salamander hiding in the shade provided by overgrown flowers and plants springing up from the earth, the butterfly skates higher knowing too well not to trust the beauty of the captivating shine from the scales that cover the lizard’s body. Although small in size, the creature is a big force of nature designed to entice and amaze. Read more in The Force of Nature.

The force of nature is perfectly captured through the butterfly effect where the smallest of changes can have the biggest of impacts. When a small creature can simply flutter its wings and cause waves of change, it is undeniable that the force of nature is something to behold.

Nature’s Nature by Wallace Chan

Creatures that are so small yet so mighty dance around us as they go about their lives. Despite their small size, they make up for it with their big impact and captivating appearances.

The relationship between us and the outside world is ever-evolving and these small creatures that not only have a mighty presence but hold a big influence on us, are a great source of inspiration for art. Their beautiful wings, scales, and textures create a big canvas for new inspiration, and so by looking at the wonders of the outside world the wonder of art is sure to spring to mind.

The force of nature

Lydia Courteille, Phasme Ring

Successful writer and art director, Melanie Grant, is now launching her exhibition Force of Nature with the aim to dismantle the boundaries between art and jewellery. Believing that jewellery is a form of wearable art, every piece in the exhibition has been luxuriously created to be visually engaging whilst adorning a body.

Melanie has captured a sense of fluidity between the mediums through creating wearable art that takes on a form of sculpture. By working to dismantle the boundaries between art, jewellery and sculpture, she crafts them together in a way that celebrates all forms whilst uniting their differences.

Dedicated to Naturalism, the exhibition aims to capture the evolution of our relationship with the outside world. By taking inspiration from creatures that are small in size but big in impact, the theme creates a whole new breadth of possibilities. The beauty of the outside world is captivating and powerful, and the small but mighty creatures that roam our planet certainly provide a whole palette of inspiration.

The force of nature

Inviting 18 renowned contemporary artists to contribute to the exhibition and showcase their works of wearable art, they were asked to express their connection to nature using both figurative and abstract approaches using feature jewels and stunning materials.

The endless source of inspiration to be gained from the beauty of the outside world is showcased in the exhibition, emphasising how the smallest of creatures can have the mightiest of impacts.

the force of nature

Left, Bibi van der Velden, Ant

Right, Bibi van der Velden, Ant and Tulip Choker

Featuring artists such as Ai Weiwei, Bibi van der Velden, Fabio Salini, Frank Stella, and Giorgio Vigna, the range of artistry and aesthetics is big but the theme remains strong throughout.

Also aiming to dismantle how the hierarchy makes it harder for artists of colour to get the same recognition as those who are white, Melanie Grant has dedicated herself to showcasing their talent. Her project ‘Brilliant and Black’ was the first exhibition of its kind dedicated to black jewellery designers, bringing recognition to their considerable talent.

Inviting a range of talented artists to showcase their crafted pieces of fine jewellery that represent their ever-evolving relationship with the outside world, the exhibition showcases a variety of interpretations and artistry. By taking inspiration from the force of nature and looking at the small yet mighty creatures that roam the earth, a whole new canvas is created that can help to capture the fluidity between the mediums of art and jewellery.

Seeing as we are mentioning beautiful butterflies, luxury lifestyle brands ETRO and Ginori 1735 have come together in collaboration to create the new “Boho Butterfly” collection. Including a refined series of vases, valet trays, plates, candles, cups and coffee sets, the capsule collection is the vision of quality and joie de vivre. Featuring the vibrant colour of nature, as well as evocative and whimsical motifs, this new creative journey inspired by exotic influences, secret gardens of fantasy and the force of nature will be available from December 1st.

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