The Geek Guide to Life

By Jo Phillips

With science on their side, the authors of The Geek Guide to Life answer your questions about life’s many puzzles. Colin Stuart and Mun-Keat Looi, a scientist and journalist respectively, collaborate to offer, not their advice, but rather facts and correlations backed by stacks of research. Both essential and inessential topics are covered; this book will help solve problems regarding finance, relationships, health, board games and more. Using this book’s statistics, you may finally learn how to get more matches on Tinder, for example.

“One tip to successful online dating is to open up-literally. A 2016 study of videos from a speed-dating event found that those displaying ‘postural expansiveness’- leaning back or spreading their arms and legs wide, literally expanding their body in physical space-were more likely to gain romantic interest.” – HOW TO SUCCEED ON TINDER (AND OTHER DATING SITES), The Geek Guide to Life


Peer-reviewed and dependant on maths, The Geek Guide to Life strays away from what the authors deem ‘self-improvement drivel’ by giving readers advice that is as helpful as it is humorous. Packed with simple graphs and pixellated illustrations, this book is designed to accommodate any sort of reader with an easily legible experience.

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The Geek Guide to Life: Science’s Solutions to Life’s Little Problems, is out now.

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