The Gloam, A Scent

By Jo Phillips

The sun lowers itself in the sky, falling and dragging dusk with it, bringing her dreams along. The ephemeral, transient, moment where imagination and reality collide. The twilight fuses earth and heaven becomes one, where our fantasies meld with actuality. These liminal moments; essential to our sanity. Time to truly dream backwards, forward sidewards and meet who we elementally are.

Image on left Jasmine Galliner

That time of day immediately following sunset, called Gloam, where anything feels possible. Orange meets with pink, lilac, blue, purple, red, beige and yellow; a spectrum of colours and feelings. This subliminal moment offers up escape, or a return, whether in thought, body or sense; maybe all.

To each of us, the moments are individual just like a magical scent, that changes on each and everyone’s skin: Unique to each. The creation of a personal variation for each wearer just as the sun drops each viewer seeing it from their own heart.

Maybe the time’s opening scent is alive with soft and warm Pink Pepper and the soft spice of aromatic Cardamom melded with the uplifting bright ‘orangeness’ of Neroli whilst the Orange blossom brings honeyed tones to sweeten the moment.

Further in we feel rising up, golden notes of Saffron and balsamic browny-green gentle warmth of Clove, with bittersweet herbal Maté, heady and deadly-beautiful Narcissus and yellow pollen-like Mimosa. This rainbow of herby spiciness marries the moment perfectly with floral tones of majestic Rose and the damsel that is Jasmine Sambac.

And the ending that takes us through? Powdery via the magical root of the Iris flower, woody, sweet, creamy, smooth, and warmth from Sandalwood, earthy and explosive Patchouli, honeyed, balsamic, peppery notes from the Copaiba tree resin collide.

Copaiba Balsam tree

This feeling, this liminal space the ambrosia smells meld into deep riches of spice woods and the grandest of flowers, lingering like a hug on the skin

Happily this space in time, these fragranced moments are real rather than imagined. Here, encased in Amber glass this perfume by Aesop named Gloam. The newest scent added to their collection Othertopias. These spaces represent something ‘other’, something transformative.

The collection already includes Miraceti (Resinous, woody, spicy), Karst (Fresh, herbaceous, marine) Eidesis, (Woody, spicy, ambery)and Erémia (Green, floral, citrus). The genius and eccentric nose, Barnabe Fillion is the creator of all of these sublime fragranced moments.

Melbourne-based label Aesop was established in 1987 with the interest in formulating skin, hair and body care products of the finest quality, from plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients and using only those with a proven record of safety and efficacy.

These elixirs don’t need to just be worn by dreamers, but they are to be worn by lovers of scent who are prepared to be open to passion, imagination, creativity and living outside the box and more than anything those that want to smell fantastic using their scent to travel whether their imagination takes them.

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