The Great Migration

By Jo Phillips

The Great Migration: How to make the move from the city

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Working from home was a concept many dreamed of but few could regularly enjoy less than a decade ago. Office culture was the norm, including the busy commutes, packed lunches, and professional attire that came with it – all an accepted part of the job. Over the past few years, however, all that’s changed. In fact, research from 2022 showed that nearly 36% of working adults were working from home once within the past week. Working from home, whether full-time or as part of a hybrid schedule is not only more commonplace and acceptable at many businesses, but actually demanded by candidates. Other than ditching lengthy commutes, why is this?

One of the major reasons for this is the flexibility that homeowners have suddenly found regarding where they choose to live. With nothing tying people to buy homes within easy commuting distance of major cities, the quieter rural countryside and peaceful, scenic coastal regions are totally viable options. For many, selling up and moving on has become a priority, and sprucing up the properties they’re selling is the first step to making their escapes to the country – or sea. But what can we actually practically do to sell our homes quickly and for a great price? It’s all in the planning as it turns out. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

Architecturally speaking, there’s a huge amount to consider about selling a home, especially if you’re able to improve on interior design elements. The baseline should be deep cleaning and decluttering of the house itself and any grounds or garden surrounding, however, estate agents or an interior designer can consult on potential areas for improvement that can dramatically improve a house’s valuation. Knocking through walls, or expanding natural light sources, even in small amounts, can modernise a home quickly, as well as accentuate its size and liveability. 

The Price Is Right

Setting the right price for your home has to be a decision with some degree of professional opinion if you’re hoping to provide a price that buyers will be receptive to quickly. Your first job is to understand the market your property resides in. Research the surrounding area on some major, regional estate agent sites to find average selling prices for properties similar to yours, and also timespans for sales. Improvements can boost home valuations but need to be completed to be considered, for example. The agent will be able to give you a much more accurate range to place your home for sale at (typically within 10% of the average sold price in the neighbourhood), in line with the market, in line with your own ambitions, and in line with the qualities and state of the house itself.    

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Start Marketing

Once you’ve received a valuation and set your asking price in turn, it’s time to start your campaign to get your home sold. Paperwork like energy performance certificates (EPCs) must be acquired before a house can actually be sold. In addition, you can employ a photographer to provide shots of your home to a high standard. Viewings can be conducted on your behalf if you’re using a high-street agent, and hiring a conveyancer or solicitor at this stage is also useful for expediting the administrative elements of the selling process. If your home isn’t selling in a timely manner, you might consider reassessing and working with your agent to understand what’s going wrong.  Receiving those first offers can be a hugely exciting moment, but there’s still plenty to do. Those looking to migrate to warmer, quieter, or more scenic places around the country are tasked with finalising and negotiating a deal, choosing their own new home, and exchanging contracts on both sides. It’s a lot of work, almost a second job, but it’s one that can be far smoother and more agreeable in the end with careful planning, a sound strategy, consulted on by professionals, and a clear picture of the property you’re looking for away from the city. With that in tow, the dream of a country or coastal life can be made a reality sooner than you might think. 


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