The Iconic Karl Lagerfeld; A statue Of a Man.

By Cynthia Cai

Karl Lagerfeld has become virtually mythical in the realm of luxury fashion and design. The image of him, with his trademark white hair and mysterious black sunglasses, has come to represent groundbreaking fashion. Today, however, we dive even deeper, not only into the man who revolutionised style but also his remarkable partnership with Bosa, the Italian masters of high-end ceramics. Read more in The Iconic Karl Lagerfeld; A statue of a Man.

Karl’s Persona: A Blend of Mystery and Mastery

Imagine a mysterious person, his white hair a brilliant halo, and his black sunglasses a veil of anonymity. In the world of fashion, Karl was more than just a legend. His hues and white hair hint at stories of revolutionary thinking and creative genius. His personal style, as recognisable, as any film star.

Karl Lagerfeld was a German fashion designer and creative director. He began to work at Fendi in 1965, afterward was best known for his work with the fashion house Chanel, where he served as creative director for several decades.

His career spanned over half a century, and he was widely regarded as one of the most influential and iconic figures in the fashion industry, now leaving behind a significant legacy in the world of fashion.

Why Karl Lagerfeld was rarely without gloves on

When I was 14, I wanted to smoke because I wanted to look grown-up,” he once said. “But my mother said: ‘You shouldn’t smoke. Your hands are not that beautiful and that shows when you smoke.”

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl acknowledged he had a dislike for his hands, usually, wearing fingerless gloves taking shape as another of his personally recognized signatures.  Karl’s name was and still is synonymous with the world of fashion. Karl’s likeness dances in people’s minds whenever they think of white hair and black sunglasses, and this impression reverberates all across the world.

A Meeting of Minds: Karl and Bosa’s Collaboration

Besides the garment industry, Karl’s willingness to go out and work with companies like Bosa demonstrated his adaptability and creativity in the broader art field. The artistic sensibility of Karl was a perfect fit for the prestigious ceramics company Bosa. But with the craft comes humour too. A collection of mini ceramic Karl figurines.

By combining their respective skill sets, Karl and Bosa have created works that are at once creative and practical. Karl’s friendship with Bosa serves as a reminder that artistic expression is not restricted by nationality or other artificial barriers.

The Collection: Where Elegance Meets Art

The Karl-Bosa line is an impressive fusion of form and function. Karl’s attention to detail is matched by Bosa’s ceramics expertise in every item. From modern vases to wacky sculptures, this collection has it all. This collection is the ideal synthesis of the creative traditions of Bosa with the philosophy of fashion established by Karl.

It pushes against the limits of what is considered “high fashion” and “home décor,” therefore stimulating innovation in both fields. The Karl-Bosa collection has shown that when talented people work together, the results may be spectacular.

A Legacy of Innovation

The Karl statues come in different colours and outfits, from classic monochromes to bold and unexpected hues, the Karl statues have become a celebration of diversity. Each colour seems to carry its own message, especially with black symbolizing sophistication and timelessness, while brighter tones radiate endemic fashionable spirit humour and a ‘certain charm’ emanating from Karl Lagerfeld.

Please find the link to explore this collection at Karl Lagerfeld,

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