The Liars’ League: Light & Dark

By Jo Phillips

The best things in this world are lies. Most will not believe this, but culture depends on the untruths and the fabrications people create. The Liars’ League believes this wholeheartedly; they pride themselves on supporting writers and actors, both of whom are technically liars. Their dishonesty has fuelled the greatest and deepest entertainment for centuries.


Since April 2007, the Liars’ League hosts monthly themed fiction nights where professional actors come together to read original works submitted to the event. On Tuesday 13th December, The Lamb pub in Bloomsbury (where the first ever Liars’ League event took place) will host their Light and Dark theme. Doors are open to those who are lucky enough to have possession of a ticket. Guests will be able to sit down, relax with a drink and listen to the works submitted by the following winners:

The Gift by Michael Mann
Winter Sun by Miranda Gold
Christmas Star by Sherry Morris
Christmas with the In-Laws by Quintin Forrest
Tigg Montague’s Ponzi Pyramid Scheme by Liam Hogan
The Gospel According to St Hamleys the Elf by Alan Graham

Being a Christmas event, this night will be surely one to attend; an atmosphere of cosiness and intimacy will not be one to miss. However, if you aren’t able to attend, do not worry because all performances are filmed in HD and put on YouTube and for podcast for the Liars’ League increasing online following.

In fact, the Liars’ League online following can be credited to the amount of praise it has been getting. A well as being featured in The Guardians’s 10 best storytelling nights in the UK, the League has also been shortlisted for the 2016 Saboteur Awards. The organisation additionally has a presence in Blackpool, Leeds, New York City, Portland and Hong Kong!

For more information about the Christmas event, click here.

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