The Most Luxurious Car in the World Has a Few Secrets

By Jo Phillips

In the world of luxury, nothing quite comes to the heights of the Rolls-Royce. The car company was started by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, with the first car to be produced in 1906. It was a meeting of two remarkable minds that wanted to bring to the automotive world the absolute pinnacle of car manufacturing and to produce simply the best cars in the world. The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost was the company’s first motorcar, produced from 1906 until 1925. It was largely responsible for the company’s initial reputation and as early as 1907 this new automotive manufacturer was collecting awards for outstanding engineering excellence and reliability. In 2009 the Rolls-Royce Ghost, its name an echo of its past, was introduced to the market re-cementing the brand back into the consciousness of those with a luxury mindset. As it is the height of opulence, it has many little secrets that only those ‘in the know’ are well acquainted with. Here we share a few little insider details.

One reason any Rolls-Royce is so magnanimous as a car is the little details that are not ‘on show’ as such, they are the quiet luxury we would expect from a car that exists within its own marketplace.

Most people will notice, without having to think hard, a Rolls-Royce from not just its iconic shape but the ‘lady with wings” who gallantly sits atop the bonnet of the car. Bracingly holding her sleeved arms back as though they are wings.

But most people don’t know that this now iconic lady called The Spirit of Ecstasy, debuted in 1911. There is a supposed apocryphal story that it was commissioned by a car collector called Baron John Edward Scott-Montagu, who based the figure’s likeness on his secretary-turned-mistress, the figure was designed by sculptor Charles Sykes. Now made from stainless steel, it still, of course, can be ordered in other luxury materials including Gold and Silver.

Image courtesy Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

But one thing you may not be aware of is that this little magnetic lady can disappear. Should you want it removed from the public eye so that no one is tempted to ‘pinch’ her then she can descend into her own little hidy-hole in the bonnet. Interestingly, enough should she be left standing up proudly on display, and some unsightly person does try to ‘nab’ her, she will automatically retreat to her special hiding place. After all, no one wants their Rolls-Royce sans The Spirit of Ecstasy.

The Downlit Pantheon grille, that instantly recognisable metal plate, at the front of the car, discreetly illuminates Rolls-Royce iconography. It was initially designed to echo Rome’s imposing Pantheon temple. Its majestic columns were purposefully built with wider middle sections so that the human eye perceives each long pillar to be completely straight; an optical illusion.

Another little bit of insider knowledge; the logo on Rolls-Royce wheels always remains completely upright. Yup, that’s right the Double R on the centre cap of the wheel never goes upside down. Once seen never forgotten. Each official Rolls-Royce rim features a special gyroscopic mechanism that stops the centre cap from rotating, thus ensuring the iconic RR monogram remains upright no matter what.

You won’t really notice until you see the car in motion, and then it jumps out. Basically, the hubcap in the wheel spins independently of the wheel when the vehicle is in motion.

Also again, you won’t notice unless you are either driving about or being driven that many of the styles come with not just heated seats but allow the passenger or driver to have a massage whilst the journey proceeds. With the car being so ‘light’ to drive, people don’t get out after a long journey feeling a little wiped. In fact, it’s fair to say, the journey is the opposite of that. The all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering add to the drive experience and bring unprecedented poise and surefootedness to the ‘on-road’ feeling.

So like being ‘lifted in the air ‘ is the feeling of being in any Rolls-Royce there is an almost added benefit of wellness from within. With these added options like massage and heated seats, you may never actually want to finish your journey. Unlike so many cars this is not about getting somewhere it’s about the best journey on board to get there.

Now talking of getting out of the car, if you finally decide you want to, another little but hugely important feature that is another hidden gem is how the doors work. Of course, they open and close with the softest of gentle clicks, hardly noticeable, but no effort is needed. Once inside should you wish to open the door simply press a small silver button and the door opens and closes for you. No need to stretch and lift heavy metal let the car do all the work for you.

And seeing as we are talking doors, here is another little secret benefit of them. If you happen to arrive at your destination and the rain has decided to join you. Fear not, your outfit, hairdo, or hat won’t get wet. The driver or chauffeur can click a discreet button on the driver’s inside door and out pops a branded umbrella. No worrying about the weather for those inside even when they get out.

Naturally, the cars support dual climate controls. The knobs allow you to control air intensity and temperature, designed to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, regardless of the outside conditions. The car’s advanced air conditioning system includes multiple climate zones, allowing passengers to adjust the temperature and airflow to their individual preferences. Just like a bed with multiple springs setting each person can have their own level of cooling or heating.

Whilst driving on the open roads at night, if you are lucky and the night is clear and you are not in an area with light pollution you may see a beautiful starry sky. However in the Rolls-Royce the night sky not being clear is not an issue. The headliner (ceiling of the car) is made up of tiny lights to create a starlight headliner so the stars are always with you. Of course, it can be custom-made to create a specific constellation or shape.

Whilst the stars shine on the ceiling at the front of the new edition is the Illuminated Fascia. This is the front dashboard where the passenger sits. It features the Ghost nameplate surrounded by more than 850 stars a bespoke innovation created exclusively for Ghost. It brings an ethereal glow and is completely invisible when the car is not in operation. This along with other features in the 2020 Ghost, makes it the most technologically advanced internal combustion engine Rolls-Royce to date.

Specific models have other ‘extras’ like the Amber Roads model that in its dash, has a piece of pure amber on show. The car was inspired by the Baltic Amber routes where most of the world’s most prestigious Amber hails from.

But in case that was not quite enough here are a few other little-known facts about several of the Rolls-Royce models that may not be common knowledge.

For example, getting your hands on a Phantom IV model from Rolls-Royce was near impossible unless, of course, you just happened to be a Royal. It’s not about the luxury price tag but certain cars were only allowed to be used by the royal family.

Princess Elizabeth was the first to receive a Phantom IV, which became a model only designed for the royals and other heads of state. A mere 18 Phantom IV models were produced, making it among the rarest of the Rolls-Royce’s ever. This comes down to the fact that as the company gained its deserved reputation for elegance throughout the 1930s and 1940s, it became the only choice for the world’s elite. Hence this model only being allowed for the British Royal family and a few other dignitaries.

Hopefully while driving you are not in a hurry or ‘clock-watching’ but rest assured Rolls-Royce has that covered. Yes, most cars have had clocks from the earliest days for speed and timing reasons but this goes that bit further. Some Rolls-Royce models have built-in clocks that can be taken off and worn as watches. The company has collaborated with Audemars Piguet to create a special one-off timepiece and watchmaker Bovet. Both of these makers just like Rolls-Royce, are premium timepiece makers.

One last little detail for you to enjoy. The limited-edition Wraith Kryptos Collection comes with its very own encrypted cipher. Hidden throughout the luxe coupé is a series of encoded messages. For those lovers of mystery, they can use these ‘clues’ to solve a final puzzle. At the time of the car’s launch, the answers were locked away in a safe at Rolls-Royce headquarters and known to just two people, the vehicle’s designer and the company’s chief executive.

Whether driving or being driven there is nothing quite as wonderful as being in a Rolls-Royce. But once inside knowing about those little extras, brings another level of joy to the journey. Maybe you have your own ideas about what extras you would like, after all, every car is a one-off, designed for each client-specific request. Once your dream in a car comes alive you may never want to get out.

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