The Mystery of Beautiful Blue

By Jo Phillips

A single colour allows us to explore emotions in a way that multiple colours do not give space for. It pulls us in, asks questions, all be it without speaking. A cool colour like blue can be seen as everything from ‘having the blues’ feeling sad to all the way to artist Yevs Kliens’s Patterned colour YKB. He said that his tonal paintings allowed for an  “open window to freedom, as the possibility of being immersed in the immeasurable existence of colour.” So what does it stand for in the world of beauty? Maybe a little bit of a beautiful mystery? Find out more in The Mystery of Beautiful Blue

In 1956, with the assistance of a chemical technician, the artist Yves Klein succeeded in suspending his favourite ultramarine pigment in petroleum extracts, which allowed the pigment to maintain its brilliance and something of its powdery texture without dulling.

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He named the substance International Klein Blue (IKB). He went on to produce several monochromatic paintings in the signature colour, titling each International Klein Blue, combined with a serial number.

He believed IKB was the perfect instrument with which to elaborate his belief in spiritual powers and the immaterial; ultramarine is the traditional symbolic colour of the Holy Ghost in the Christian religion and also evokes the expanse of the infinite sky and the depth of the oceans.

The Shoot below is an ode to all tones of this most spiritual of colours.

Photographer Paul Farnham

Contributing Fashion Editor Lily Lam 

Makeup Eli Wakamatsu  at Stella Creative Artists using RMS Beauty

Hair Tarik Bennafla at Stella Creative Artists using Dyson Hair

Model  Morgan Fernandez at Models 1

Video  Olga Kott

Stylist Assistant Cabrielle Lin

 The Jewelled Hobo handbag in Galatic blue by Alexander Mcqueen

 Blue Astrilarge Booty Pika by Christian Louboutin

Sheer Blue turtleneck Knickers and Leggings all by Vanity Nap from Mid September

 ‘Ornate’  A blocked wool beret with pom pom By Stephen Jones Milliner

Blue polyester faux fur, cropped and boxy oversized blazer with shoulder pads by Yomi, Shooting Star earrings by Vicki Sarge

Blue one shoulder dress by Emile Vidal Carr , Blue oval drop earling Vicki Serge

Blue vest by A-JANE

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