The New Global Authority on Pattern

By Jo Phillips

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Inspire. Explore. Innovate. 

These three words are extremely powerful, and as human beings we aspire for this state of being. We strive to inspire others, we live to explore the unknown, and we attempt to innovate the world around us.

Patternity understand this and intertwine these vital three themes in an individualist style based around patterns.  They educate us to look beyond the mundane forms we are exposed and desensitised to in everyday life, and instead, find inspiration in hidden or conceled patterns that are normally overlooked.

Patternity has a community of over 1.5 million with product ranges that continuously sell in museums as well as retailers and have therefore rightly so become a worldwide brand. Established in 2009 by Anna Murray; art director, and Grace Winteringham; surface designer, Patternity hold an online curated archive of thousands of innovative, inspirational images for us to explore. This has led to it rapidly becoming the global authority on pattern. Not only has this archive inspired us but it has reached the attention of high fashion designers including Burberry, Chanel, Luis Vuitton, and international companies including MTV, Volkswagen and Microsoft.

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Patternity have just released their first book to unite the two worlds of high fashion and design with our everyday lives. They creatively scratch beneath the surface to travel through how the process of how patterns have the power to shape our world. Whether pattern is in the form of fashion from the catwalk, design in the form of art, or even the patterns of the casual crowd of commuters on a mundane Monday morning, Patternity always highlights the importance of it all. And too right! Nowadays, people seem so busy, rushing around, engrossed in their latest iPhone or Samsung, missing the beautiful patterns surrounding them. The point of the power of pattern has been made, and it is indeed nothing less than powerful.

The book’s unique collection of captivating photography and compelling text will grab you and invite you to discover a new perspective of the world we live in. But don’t just take our word! There have been endless praises among the creative world, Vogue UK, The New York Times and i-D are among the group that have also expressed their love…

“You’ll adore Paternity’s exhaustive research dedicated to all things decorated, tessellated and patterned…”

Vogue UK

“Patternity is resolutely non-cliche and renders bricks and mortar moot.”


“Patternity are the masters of the pattern appreciation renaissance- their unique research archive design studio and events us paisley, polka dots and every weird and wonderful pattern they spy to education and inspire.”


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Alongside this pattern trend, adult colouring books are becoming increasingly popular at the moment. At .cent we love “Elsewhere” by  Japanese-Born film-maker, animator and graphic artist Joji Koyama. “Depicting dreamlike landscapes, interiors and objects rear look different but strangely familiar”. Another is “Spice Trail; A Kew colouring Frieze” described as “perfect for switching off, slowing down and indulging your creative side”. Illustrated by Sue Mason, “Spice Trail” brings in botanical prints for you to colour.

With pattern being such a current trend on the runway, along with our current magazine issue of bohemia, there really couldn’t be a better time for this book to be released. Get your copy of A New Way of Seeing: The Inspirational Power of Pattern via Patternity’s official website here.

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