The Party Perfumed

By Jo Phillips

The Nightclub, the haunt of the rich, famous, beautiful but also the extravagant and extraordinary. Some fictitious, some for real, think The Wag in London’s 1980s famous for being part and parcel of the new Romantic scene, Studio 54 the stated home of NYC Disco where Bianca Jagger at her birthday bash at Studio 54 in 1977, The Armada Room (at the Hilton Hotel) where during the film The Blues Brothers the leads track down Murph & the Magic Tones, Rick’s Café Américain in the film Casablanca or Nells’ in New York where the good the bad and the beautiful flocked in the 1980s and 1990s. Sometimes fronted by a woman: whimsical, glittering, queens that reign supreme with the power to cast you aside or let you enter into a hallowed event, to be part of a night of drama, mystery and spectacle. The newest fragrance from Juliette has a Gun is exactly inspired by such a spirit so find out more about Lily Fantasy in The Party Perfumed.

Romano Ricci is the creative behind the very Rock and Roll perfume brand Juliette has a Gun says of his latest perfume.

“For this latest opus, I have imagined a Juliette as carefree as a bubble of champagne, frivolous and disobedient. A heroine with a taste for every pleasure: as tempting as an array of sumptuous sweets, it is she who leads the dance… The fragrance, an extravagant cocktail of white flowers and ambery notes, is perverted with a gourmand twist whose name we cannot pronounce”.

A wild free spirit of a fragrance, that explores via our noses, the spectacle of the fantasies of an imaginary nightclub hostess; a queen of Parisian Nightlife.

“Beneath the glow of the chandeliers, amidst the sparkling champagne glasses and diamonds, the mysterious hostess twirls to her heart’s content. The only rule imposed upon her guests… is that there are none”.

So what makes up a scandalous fragrance? here find a bouquet of white flowers, ambery notes with a slight Bubble gum gourmand facet.

The juice opens with a Bubble Gum Accord, sweet pink, think of the bubble being blown and then popping into a heart of flowers that include Jasmine Absolute, Tuberose Absolute. Finalising the night out with base that lays down a gravitas hinting at scandal and irreverence of Ambery Accord and addictive Ambroxan. A celebration of an enigmatic spirit caught and bottled.

Described by Romano as an

“olfactory whirlwind that precedes her whenever the irreverent Lady sets the dance floor alight one last time, before slipping away through the early morning mists, clutching her heels, to the cushioned comforts of her rooms”.

The bottle, purple a regal yet mystic colour, ‘hombres’ the emotions via clear glass to soft lilac into deep purple and is decorated in silvery white with its name and maker.

The tag line that goes with the scent? Too Fab to Give a Damn, yet we know after that rollercoaster of a night out, a party perfumed, under the glimmering lights and the popping champagne, there the next morning will still be a lingering trace of the scent of a great night out.

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