The Perfumed Music Box

By Lauren Tighe

“Girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song
You go ahead, let your hair down”. So sang Corrine Baliey Rae, a soft and gentle song to herself (apparently) casting worry aside. Music, we know has that power, just like putting on your red lipstick or spraying your favourite perfume, it can lift your spirits. Music and scent are both artificial in as much as they are manmade, yet so ingrained into our sensory reactions and everyday life. They each provide us with an emotive sensation, linked to memories or moods. In The Perfumed Music Box we explore music and scent, and how one can inspire the other.

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The earliest music box was invented around 1770 in Switzerland by watchmakers, when opened, the music box plays using a set of pins placed on a revolving cylinder or disk to pluck the tuned teeth of a steel comb. Although music technology has evolved greatly since then, there is always something magical about a music box. Often gifted to daughters with little ballerinas that twirl, they are not fully obsolete, they have a warm nostalgia about them.

JusBox Perfume selection

Perfume is often associated with memories too, music and perfume communicate in the same way, both composed of notes and harmonies. A great perfume can be as layered and harmonized symphony. They are both used as a medium to express a mood, a feeling, and an atmosphere, through air. Floating around into our ears and noses, they can entrance, intoxicate and embody us. As with music, a fragrance is composed of a top note, a middle or heart note, and a bass note.

JusBox Perfume selection

Jusbox Perfumes take this synergy of our senses and capture them in a bottle. All their fragrances are inspired by music, evoking pure emotion, through the storytelling of the senses. Everything that goes into the making of their perfumes, from scent to packaging, sings music, paying homage to music icons, who have been a great influence on society, or genres that have challenged musical boundaries. The bottles hold a unique 78ml capacity to represent the first phonographic disk that played at 78rpm, with a lid that celebrates the vinyl record.

JusBox Perfume selection

Their discovery set is like a perfumed music box, filled to the brim with fragrances inspired by music. They come packaged in a box that opens up like a case of CDs, providing you a scent for every mood, bringing back the nostalgia that one might get when gifted a music box. Esteemed connoisseurs Julien Rasquinet, Antoine Lie, Dominique Ropion, and Dominique Moellhousen provide you with the playlist.

JusBox Perfume selection ‘Use Abuse’

The first composition ‘Night Flow’ by Julien Rasquinet uses fruity and oriental notes to create an irreverent beat, energising and empowering the senses, starting your night strong. Rasquinet continues into the rebellious head strong mood with ‘Black Powder’, heightening intensity with blackcurrant and pimento entwining. The evening begins to wind down with ‘Golden Serenade’, spicy notes providing you with the most romantic jazz as you unveil a fragile yet daring soul with the intense blend of rose and whisky, that is ‘Siren & Sailors’. When morning dawns you awake in a ‘Green Bubble’, feeling the spiritual harmony of reggae, guided by green notes and woody facets.

JusBox Perfume selection ‘Beat Cafe’

As you ready yourself for another performance Antoine Lie takes the stage, entrancing the audience with notes of intense patchouli and sensual vanilla, captivating you in the psychedelic journey of a ’14 Hour Dream’. The notes play across your senses in waves, then you ‘Use Abuses’, introducing an overdose of tuberose, which embodies charisma and captivates your spirits. There are ‘No Rules’ you begin to exude punk, the fragrance travels, jarring senses all around.

JusBox Perfume selection ’14 Hour Dream’

You spot your friend in the crowd and give them a ‘Cheeky Smile’ whilst Dominique Moellhousen plays the interval with a cocktail of Iso E Super and Amber Extreme, providing you pure joy. It is time for the final act, Dominique Ropion, you feel the ‘Live ‘n’ Loud’ buzz as the energetic whirl of oriental notes release your adrenaline. Performing ‘Micro Love’ the crowd feels emotion, pureness and electricity creating an ethereal atmosphere. Ordering a ‘Feather Supreme’, you feel powerful, as the jasmine accord exudes feminine strength and beauty. Then you finish the night at the ‘Beat Café’, unwinding with notes of cognac, tobacco, and cosy worn, leather love seats, conversing poetically with friends over sophisticated subjects. In the morning you awake to a mix of aquatic accords, relaxing the mind you can ‘Feel ‘n’ Chill’.  

JusBox Perfume selection ‘Micro Love’

Music and fragrance are invisible yet hold so much power over our emotions. Jusbox provide you the option to discover and move to your own beat. Sometimes it is time to shake things up, even though music and fragrance can be nostalgic like the music box, you may want something invigorating or inspiring. Whatever mood you are in this Perfumed Music Box will harmonise with you, you may even get a little surprise.

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