The Perfumed Princess of Neroli; For The Love of a Bitter Tree

By Mansi Golaniya

Isn’t it fascinating how the beautiful Neroli flower arises from the simple, Bitter Orange tree? Generally white or creamy in colour, its petals are curved along the outer edges, giving the flower a somewhat fringed look. One would never guess that such a lovely aroma could be contained behind such simplicity.

The Neroli flower is a delightful blend of floral and citrus notes. Its rich fragrance combines floral, citrus, and green notes derived from the Bitter Orange tree’s orange bloom and leaves, as well as having undertones of honey and spices. It’s like an aromatic secret waiting to be revealed Yet it was a princess like in some fairytale who revealed it to us.

In the heart of Nerola, a city in Italy, surrounded by divine scenery, resided a princess named Anne Marie Orsini. She had all the royal duties that came with her position, but she yearned for something more profound, something outside the palace gates.

A seductive perfume floated through the air, tickling her senses, one day as she went around the royal gardens. It had a unique aroma, subtle and enticing, and it tempted her to pursue it.

Anne set off on a scent-filled expedition around the palace grounds, fuelled by her voracious curiosity. As she walked further into the royal grounds, she came across an outstanding sight: the lovely Neroli flowers; she fell in love with it

And so, she introduced Bitter Orange trees to her city Nerola, determined to share her discovered treasure with all. She painstakingly tended to the trees until they flourished in the lush Italian soil, and they quickly became a symbol of the region’s beauty and gave rise to the Neroli essence.

But that isn’t the end of the tale. Distillation processes in perfume evolved throughout time, and Grasse, the centre of the perfume industry in France, became the core of Neroli production.

However, her reputation lived on, inextricably tied to the alluring essence of Neroli, which had evolved from a simple discovery into a symbol of elegance and refinement

The Crown by Sophie James

The Sophie James new room spray “The Crown” brings this story of an Italian princess to life, It’s like a work of art that’s been created to envelop your living areas in a warm embrace of refinement and luxury.

The scent profile features an energetic opening blend of Bergamot, Lemon, and Green Mandarin, with a heart of Neroli representing elegance and luxury. The perfume also features Jasmine Bloom, Sheer Musk, and Amber undertones for a warm, inviting experience.

This priceless elixir, renowned in perfumery and traditional aromatherapy, weaves relaxation and emotional well-being spells, lulling you into a calm slumber where dreams dance and anxieties dissolve into the starry night.  The packaging features a sparkling gold crown insignia.

Sophie James Mayfair is a British luxury lifestyle and home fragrance brand founded by Sian and Sophie Kosinski. The brand offers luxury, vegan scented candles, and diffusers, hand-poured in the UK using 100% plant-based waxes. Each fragrance has its own object linked to childhood memories shared by the couple.

Launched in November 2016, the brand is available in Harrods, Fortnum, Mason, and independent boutiques. Sophie and James, work hard to maintain quality, elegance, and individuality in their products.

To find out more about The Crown by Sophie James please visit

Bark by And Fragrances

On the flip side, the brand ‘And Fragrances‘ takes a unique approach to the use of Neroli in a distinct manner in their scent Bork. The timeless appeal of rosewood, long favoured by great furniture builders and violin crafters, exposes a fascinating secret; a compelling perfume.

The Bark scent also includes Neroli as one of their heart notes. Here Rosewood’s lovely, subtle woody notes mingle with the vibrant greens of Mango and Neroli.  Rosewood has been treasured for generations in the worlds of exquisite furniture and violin making. It’s famous not simply for its aesthetic appeal but also for its enticing, sweet, woody aroma, which has enchanted artists and experts for years.

There’s also an unexpected twist: the essence of Mary Jane, which adds a welcoming touch of refinement. The note Mary Jane, more commonly known as Marijuana, adds a warm elegance to the fragrance as well as a hint of playful curiosity, making it an appealing and approachable perfume.

Bark Perfume doesn’t stop at the attraction of Rosewood, it also welcomes the vibrant notes of Mango and the cheery, lemony smell of Neroli to the party. They combine to provide a cheerful symphony of greens that is as welcome as a sunny day.

Bark Perfume is a blend of heritage and modernity, creating a pleasant sensory experience. This fragrance reminds us that the simplest pleasures, like fresh Bark, can evoke warmth, nostalgia, and a profound connection to the world around us.

“And Fragrances” is a brand that challenges industry rules and advocates for positive change. Their packaging made from Ecuadorian Tagua nuts which is 100% natural, represents their dedication to both tradition and innovation. What distinguishes them is their commitment to social justice and environmental preservation, with a focus on pure essential oils that are hand-sourced and hand-formulated.

“And Fragrances” aspires to develop perfumes that not only smell wonderful but also do good for our earth and society, with a mission to “un-stink the world” by combating exploitation and overindulgence.

To find out more about Bark by And Fragrances please visit

All Of Me by Narciso Rodriguez

The world is littered with all elements of the outdoors from trees to grasses and of course flowers. The following new release is a celebration floral in the heart of a scent. Narciso Rodriguez’s “All of Me” wraps together rich and decadent ingredients like Musk, Vanilla, and diverse floral undertones producing a velvety and sensuous olfactory experience.

This perfume has a really unique scent distinguished by an amazing combination of components. Its core blends the subtle smells of Rose Centifolia and Geranium Bourbon to create a fascinating flower perfume that is both elegant and enticing.

What actually distinguishes this scent is its symphony of milky-white musks, which includes six unique musk notes. These musk notes give the formulation depth and sensuality, creating a velvety and enveloping fragrance sensation that remains pleasantly on the skin.

It is more than just an enticing smell profile. By carefully procuring its components, such as Geranium Bourbon, Sandalwood, and Rose Centifolia,  it invites people to contribute to a more sustainable future via their scent choices, with 88% of its components originating from nature. It demonstrates the brand’s dedication to environmental awareness.

Narciso Rodriguez, a renowned American fashion designer, is known for his timeless aesthetic and unique approach to fragrance. Born in Newark, New Jersey, his work celebrates women’s beauty and strength, with designs worn by influential women. His fragrances, inspired by musk, have received a FiFi Award for Best New Fragrance in 2003 and have been characterized by clean lines and modernity.

To find out more about All of Me by Narciso Rodriguez please visit

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