The Scent of the App

By Jo Phillips

So now Apps can now help you choose a perfume. this way you can be far more sure when choosing new scents to add to your wardrobe

Every fashionista knows that a fragrance is a central part of an outfit. But when you think of perfume, a mobile app might be the last thing that springs to mind. Remarkably, there are many useful fragrance resources that could just be sitting in the palm of your hand. These apps are useful whether you already know exactly what you want or you’re a newbie unsure about what’s out there.

Since the first smartphone apps were released in 2007, they have allowed you to do just about anything. From leisure and entertainment to finance and health. This is especially prominent in the entertainment sector, where gaming and live streaming are in high demand. And apps deliver on this – for example, live entertainment is accessible via a bingo app, along with slots and table games. The fact that many different types of live entertainment brands, such as Loco and Streamlabs, have followed suit really demonstrates our reliance on these apps.

This seems to be the case across the board, with apps like Splitwise that keep track of funds owed to friends, and Strada keeping track and sharing your exercise routines. All of these apps provide a convenient service on the go, with minimal effort, but did you know that they can also help when it comes to the important decision of scent selection?

Perfume Apps

Here are three apps that are great examples of how mobile apps and perfumes can be perfect partners.


PERFUMIST is an app that can help you choose a new fragrance. Once you sign up, you can fill out your profile with information about what you like in a perfume. The app will then suggest a fragrance that meets your needs. Other features include the ability to search by the individual ‘notes’ of a perfume and create lists based on different concepts, whether it be a gift wishlist, or categorising perfumes by top trends.

The Perfume Shop

‘Sutton High Street, Sutton, London, The Perfume Shop’ – A P Monblat via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Did you know that the famous high-street retailer, The Perfume Shop, actually has its own app? It allows you to keep your rewards card for the chain conveniently in your pocket, so you’re never without it. The Perfume Shop Rewards Club was set up in 2011 and provides perks such as free delivery, 15% off on your birthday (and 10% off on your ‘half birthday’), and access to free samples. The app, meanwhile, grants access to exclusive discounts such as 10% off your favourite brand for a year, and random special offers only available to those who have the app downloaded.

Perfume Direct

Source: Pixabay

Perfume Direct is an online fragrance shop that specialises in discounted perfume and aftershave. Its app lets you scan any perfume in any shop to see if Perfume Direct has it cheaper, helping you to save money on the go when you see something you like. It also gives users free shipping on orders over £30, something you don’t get if just ordering through their website. This makes for a more streamlined shopping experience.

Apps We’d Like to See

All three of these perfume apps can help anyone interested in perfumes and/or part of the perfume lovers’ community. Fragrantica is an online community in this realm that does have a mobile-optimised version of its website, but no app as of yet. Hopefully, this is something that we’ll see in the future as access to technology improves. Other online fragrance communities, such as Parfumo, have their own apps that provide a great hub for perfume addicts, so this gives us hope that Fragrantica will follow suit.

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