The Scent of the Greenhouse; Nourish Inside Your Home

By Jo Phillips

One of the biggest parts of a taste sensation comes when we get wafts of flavors rising. You know full well if you have a cold, food just doesn’t taste right. Our sense of smell is considered the most important of all our five. We eat with our eyes and but also with our noses. The past few years have seen much in the way of scents that explore vanilla chocolates and sweet treats. Now we have fresher tastes to smell and burn in our homes. Ones we associate more with our greenhouses. Find out more The Scent of the Greenhouse; Nourish Inside Your Home. Image Sangeetha Sadasivan

Whether it be herbs or vegetables if you are an allotment grower or a greenhouse lover you know well the scent that comes from earthy and colourful healthy ripe foods you tender.

The leaf of a tomato, the trail of Rosemary when you break its twiglike form. Evocative, because the lingering facets comfort us.

Several years ago in the world of perfumery, gourmand scents became the absolute hit of the day. Find fragrances of chocolate sweet treats and candid nuts everyone went a little mad with the sugar rush of these very sweet scents.

But it’s always about newness. Usually, change comes because, in the fragrance world, new perfume ingredients have been created or discovered.

The biggest trend this year is fruit and vegetables. Yup, scents built around tomatoes beetroot fennel and more.

The lovely thing about these new facest is they bring a very different mood. Invigorating and fresh like the feeling of eating a crunchy apple or homegrown tomato there is a sense of self -love that comes with it and if you have managed to grow it yourself an emotion of pride too.

Take that idea and extend it into your home scent. Introducing the Greenhouse Collection from fragrance brand Brûler.

Designed to evoke the essence of the outdoors, the greenhouse, or the veg patch this new collection is made up of beautiful fresh, and earthy scents that transport you to the serenity of a thriving garden.

Start with Sweet Beets Embrace the earthy and sweet aroma of beetroot, ginger, and raspberry, bringing a sense of warmth and comfort to your surroundings. Although the wax itself is white yet it does sum up in the mind’s eye a deep rich purple glow alongside the sweet earthyness.

Then comes Tomato Vine, to transport you to a sun-kissed garden where ripe tomatoes tangle from lush vines. It offers a fresh and vibrant aroma charged with lemon rind and orange that enlivens your space. the herbaceous nature of the vine is explored to the full.

And finally, off the the herb garden with Basil Sesame. Here a fusion of basil, rose, and bergamot, on a base of verbena, rosemary, lemongrass, and sesame oil that infuses your space with a burst of greenery and nuttiness. A meeting of not just of local, but global herbs.

With handcrafted precision and commitment to using the finest premium ingredients, each candle is carefully hand-poured using sustainable, eco-friendly soy to ensure a clean, long-lasting burn with gorgeous scents that will fill your home. And best of all the perfumes come in at a very affordable price so meaning there is no need to restrict to just one of the scents when you can have all three.

The Brûler Greenhouse Collection is available now from

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