Glitz; The Scents of Mediterranean Love

By Jo Phillips

Who doesn’t dream of spending their days dozing off on some mediterranean coast, joined by the one they love? Lazily browsing through the quaint cafés and small boutiques, you are happy and free as you and your love explore the beautiful cities, and wine and dine through the town.

Allow yourself to be transported to this happy place with these three new fragrance experiences, designed with your love and mediterranean escape in mind:

1) Find yourself on the beautiful, coastal landscape of sunny Sicily as you enjoy The House of CREED’s partnership with 34 Mayfair on their “Mediterranean to Mayfair” experience, running until August 31st. Enjoy a rich dessert and drink, created with only the finest ingredients, alongside the beautiful scent of CREED’s new perfume, Millésime Impérial.

Reflecting the luxury of CREED’s iconic fragrances, the dessert, entitled ‘Sicilian Garden’, is a refreshing mandarin mousse with lemon jelly, placed on a sweet Italian meringue sprinkled with crushed biscotti, a final flourish of gold leaf placed on top.

34 Mayfair x CREED Dessert

Capturing the fragrance in a cocktail, 34 Mayfair’s expert mixologists have taken inspiration from its fruity and citrus notes to create ‘The Millésime’ cocktail. A combination of Manzanilla sherry with fresh Sipsmith Summer Cup, Italicus liqueur, mandarin, and lemon, this drink is poured over crushed ice and garnished with a gold-dusted lemon for a lustrous flair.

Diners visiting the restaurant and enjoying the dessert or cocktail will also receive a sample of the Millésime Impérial fragrance, thus providing the diner with a holistic experience of CREED’s beautiful scent.

34 Mayfair x CREED Cocktails; The House of CREED: “Millésime Impérial” Perfume

2) Claiming the sophistication and class of an upscale woman traipsing around the world, careless, happy, and free, the newest scent from Moresque Parfum adds a stunning fragrance to its collection. As pink pepper and elemi open the perfume like a soothing and beautiful window that opens onto a flowering garden, Rosa Ekaterina exudes the grace and elegance of a woman who wins the admiration of all. With a woody and floral scent, this musky fragrance hides whispers of sensuality and passion in its may-rose accents and sandalwood, vanilla base.

Allow yourself to be consumed with classy savoir-faire as you bask in the glorious feelings of admiration and refinement, and treat yourself to the panache fragrance of Rosa Ekaterina.

3) Take your love to the next level with the newest scent from Map of the Heart. White Heart v.7 opens with the ethereal and sharp scent of French Lavender, aldehydes and cardamom that coolly invite you into the vast landscape of love. Contrasting the pure whiteness of the bottle, the bold red of the umeboshi draws the wearer into an intense and wild sense of love. The vibrancy of the natural oud resonates like the deep voice of love and accentuates the pureness of the gardenia scent with an alluring aroma.

In the same way that love is hot and cold, tender and wild, and endless yet absolute, this woody and floral fragrance brings these contrasts to the forefront of its scent, allowing the wearer to experience the joy of being madly and deeply in love.


Together, these scents will carry you to your ultimate getaway. Treat yourself to these lovely fragrance experiences and find yourself consumed by the bliss of your dream vacation and captivated by the beauty of love.

Heart v.7 will launch at Harrods from August 

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