Flying now looks good

By Jo Phillips

We are well into the fashion calendar of international catwalk shows, from NYC to London from there on to Milan and finally finishing in Paris.  Its very Physical hard work, but its also hard work on the skin face and hair of every fashion traveller.  Now more and more even cheap flight companies are,upping their expectations of the staff with designers creating many of the outfits sen on the flight attendants.

The  glamour of yesteryear, are becoming more important to even the most modest of airlines. From their outfits to their hair, they must present themselves at their absolute best, as this is a requirement of the job. Some airlines even have individual makeup gurus and grooming standards as this infographic from Cheapflights shows.

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So, how do flight attendants ensure that they maintain those important beauty standards, when rushed off their feet and what tips do they have for all those busy fashion executives?

Firstly there is the all important Keeping hydrated

The amount of people on a typical flight, all crammed into a confined space – coupled with a lack of moisture in the air at high altitudes – can leave your skin dry and dehydrated. Female flight attendants combat this by making sure they have their own supply of water and consuming around a litre per six hours in the air.

Moisturising Of course, just drinking plenty of water is not enough to maintain that immaculate appearance and most flight attendants will also make sure they are equipped with a full complement of face mist, eye cream and lip balm, so they can freshen up during those rare moments when they are not busy.

Conditioning Hair is another thing that can be left decidedly frizzy by the dry air onboard a plane, and one way that flight attendants prevent this is by giving their locks a deep conditioning before setting off. Typically, this involves applying conditioner, putting on a shower cap, waiting at least an hour and then washing it out. This ensures their hair retains its healthy appearance throughout the flight.

Avoiding inflammation

It’s not just about beauty, as health and fitness also need to be protected on long flights. One common problem that flight attendants can experience is inflamed ankles, fingers and eyes, due to the cabin pressure, and one way they have discovered for combating this is to use turmeric – either in pill or oil form. This is one of the buzz home remedies that is gaining a lot of followers right now.

Then there is Rash resistance 

One thing no flight attendant wants, is a red rash on their face during a flight, but eating too many fruits like strawberries and oranges can lead to this. This doesn’t mean they avoid them completely, as they still represent a healthy snack option, but they balance them with other fruits and similar non-fattening treats.


Even if you aren’t an international jet set fashion writer or an air hostess these five little golden nuggets are ones you can apply to your everyday life.

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