The Sensual Allure of Femininity in a Bottle

By Jo Phillips

Taking a bite of a deep black cherry, its rich red juice stains the lips to perfect a plump, rouged pout. Cherries, in many cultures, have historically been representative of seductiveness, fertility, and femininity. In ancient Greek mythology, the cherry tree is attributed to Venus; the goddess of beauty, love, and procreation. More recently, the seduction aspect of cherries has been heavily leaned into. The fruit now serves as a symbol for sex, temptation, and allure in modern pop culture. Think of the famous scene from the TV show Twin Peaks, where one of the leading ladies, Audrey Horne, places a cherry stem in between her cherry red lips and ties it into a knot. Read more in The Sensual Allure of Femininity in a Bottle

Similarly, the silhouette of a dress can exude sensuality and temptation. The way that the fabric settles on the contour of a hip, the deep V of a neckline, or the slit exposing a toned thigh; these elements collaborate to transform mere fabric on flesh into a vision of feminine appeal.

Exploring women’s sensuality and sexuality has been addressed by artists and writers for time immemorial. Many symbols have been utilized to abstractly suggest or even explicitly highlight, the very essence of the female sex. From fruit to florals, all the way to the shape of a dress, these tools have been a second language to express femininity or, at times, the sexualization of women. Whether from women’s own perspective or from the view of others.

Feminine allure is very much part of the second language in the worlds of beauty, fashion, and fragrance. The perfect shade of lipstick or an enchanting scent can enhance sensuality for the wearer along with any passersby. Fragrances, specifically, are often used as a kind of spellbinding elixir to shape the perception of the wearer.

Although these ideas of cherries, dresses, and fragrances seem unrelated, The House of Creed has tied them all together with their newest fragrance launch.

The brand originally established as tailors in the 1700s by the Creed Family has a well-rounded grasp on the world of fashion. Henry Creed built the foundation of the House of Creed brand by starting a tailoring business in London and moving it to Paris. Nowadays it is their presence in perfumery that they are more well-known for.

This September, The House of Creed introduced a new fragrance to their portfolio, Carmina. This scent draws inspiration from vintage design sketches that were discovered within The House of Creed’s Parisian property. The sketches feature a variety of bold and dynamic dress designs, all highlighting the immense beauty of the female figure. Flowing fabric of magentas, pinks, and purples, gracefully draped across curvaceous bodies.

Carmina 75ml, Image House of Creed

This sketch-based inspiration is shown through the notes chosen for the fragrance as well as the bottle design. Hues of magenta and raspberry are encapsulated by the glass. The combination of sultry cherry with softer scents of saffron captures the essence of feminine allure.

This breaks down as a strikingly modern woody floral that opens with spicy notes of Magnetic Saffron, Pink Pepper, and luscious Black Cherry. A heart that gives the sense of a soft hug via Cashmere wood with floral facets of Rose de Mai, Violet, and Peony. The base brings a deeper tone to the elixir with its almost spiritual facets of biblical Frankincense and Myrrh, alongside sexy Amber and Musk.

Bringing together the feminine and sensual connotations of a cherry and an elegant dress design has cemented the message behind this fragrance. The scent of femininity can be alluring, charismatic, seductive, and charming all at once.

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