The Slight Smell of Good

By Jo Phillips

Every little helps when it comes to helping our planet, we know that, but it is always good to be kept up to speed on good practice. The brands that make an effort to aid our precious world, should be praised however small or large their contribution. We all want to be on board as we all build towards bigger goals in this ever more important arena. The Slight Smell of Good is about just one of these companies contributing from the world of fragrance.


One of the biggest costs in perfume is not always the actual juice but the packaging and bottle. Once the perfume is used these items are just tossed away. And like with almost everything content is king however beautiful the container maybe it is ultimately about the delicate and delicious fragrance inside.

Kamila Aubre Fragrances is one of only a small amount of botanical perfumery brands that offers refills: a great step towards editing wastage.

A ZeroWaste circular programme that helps to reduce waste, one of the major problems within the cosmetic industry in the last few years. By encouraging people to reduce the number of bottles they use, the company offers to refill them or suggest you reuse them. After all, stoppered glass flacons can be infinitely reused for many years.

Of course, being glass they are recyclable but its always great to give something beautiful a second life if not a third, fourth fifth one

There are several options. Should you buy a 100ml fragrance from them then use a handbag size 8.5. ml version that can be refilled straight from the falcon or send the whole bottle back to the brand for a refill.

If you start out by buying a full 100ml bottle of scent they will add one empty purse spray or one 15ml empty flacon to your order, so you can really practice what they preach. There is also the option to have an old bottle relabelled.

Find out more about their perfume offering here at and more about their refill policy here

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