The Warmth of Sustainability

By Shraiyash Uniyal

The garment which you would find in most people’s wardrobes is a jacket. It is that one piece of clothing that unites individuals of various ages, genders, and backgrounds. And when the temperature starts to drop down, wearing a jacket is like getting a warm hug from someone you love. It not only keeps you warm but also can enhance your outfit. Hence, it obviously becomes the most essential asset of your winter wardrobe. Some in the world of fashion are making more conscious choices, and the jackets of today are designed keeping sustainability in mind. And if you think jackets are a prodigy of the modern world, sadly you re mistaken. To know more about the universe of jackets, continue here at The Warmth of Sustainability.

It is believed that the jackets are a gift of the early Renaissance period. Popularly known as jerkins, then, were fitted versions of layering worn by working men. It is said that this style was actually inspired by the British military and naval uniforms.

In relatively modern days, these jackets were made with fabrics blended with wool and acrylic to provide higher warmth and also withstand strenuous weather conditions. Today the world of fashion is experiencing a positive renaissance, and brands like OTK are truly doing things differently. 

In times when fast fashion has been a new trend, OTK believes in sustainability. The brand aims to create comfortable yet conscious fashion. OTK stands for ‘Open To Kimono’ which in many ways signifies revealing their inner workings and ideas with honesty and openness. It offers a fully-traceable, conscious supply chain that enables fair trade with the weavers. 

OTK believes in providing the true warmth of sustainability. Its designs jackets that are made from soft-blend, luxurious fabrics which provide a comfortable and relaxed look while maintaining a commitment in creating a sustainable tomorrow. 

OTK recently launched two new sets of cocoon jackets with 50 editions of each. The long cocoon and the short cocoon are both made with the finest Loro Piana virgin merino wool, recyclable polyester, an organic cotton lining printed with organic ink, and quilted with intricate cushions padded with feathers that are certified by the animal welfare authority. They come along with Cashmere arm warmers made with organic fabric to complete an outfit in three matching colours – blush, stone, and ink. 

The inner lining of the jacket portrays a limited edition print by Belgian artist Sophie Whettnail, which shows a beautiful landscape that is mirrored by the quilted lines of the outside jacket. 

OTK is the brand child of founder Margaux Lunt. Having spent most of her childhood in the countryside she shares deep love and affinity with the environment and appreciates the beauty of nature. After gaining a degree from the London College of Fashion, Lunt focused her efforts on structuring an ethically and environmentally conscious enterprise in the fashion and lifestyle world. With OTK, she aims to share value by creating a brand with a truly transparent and conscious supply chain and acts as a champion for artistic collaboration.

Once designed as an army uniform, today jackets have become an inevitable part of everyone’s wardrobe. It is that one apparel that has truly been embraced by people from different walks of life.
OTK’s limited edition jackets are clearly the winter must-haves this season. To know more about OTK jackets click Here.

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