The Wedding Planner

By Jo Phillips

What to consider when Planning a wedding. So… you have just got engaged and spent the past few days showing off your beautiful new engagement ring to friends and family. The shock is starting to settle, and now you are faced with the mammoth task of planning your big day.

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Planning a wedding can seem daunting

Although it can be stressful, it’s important to remember that this is also one of the most exciting times in life – and thorough preparation and planning will ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible. It would be strange if you didn’t find aspects of your wedding planning overwhelming – from organising catering, budgets, and venues, you will spend hours upon hours making sure that your day is as perfect as you can imagine.

How to start planning and what to include

Here are our following tips on how to start planning your wedding:

Planning your Wedding Party and a Budget

Knowing who you are going to invite will determine the size of the venue that you can begin to look at, and will give you a rough idea of the size of budget you will need for your big day. Upon completing a rough list of names and numbers of guests, sit down with your partner and family, and begin to work out a budget for how much you would like to spend. This should be broken down into sections, such as a budget for the venue, dress, catering, etc. Try to be as specific and accurate as possible, so that your budget is realistic and achievable.

Church or Civil Ceremony?

Decide with your partner on the type of ceremony you would like, this may be obvious for some couples- but deciding on this early will help you find a venue easier, as you will only need to look at your specific requirements.

What Theme Would you Like?

Watch a few wedding videos and speak to friends and family. What weddings have you attended in the past and what did you like/dislike about each day? Create a list of things you would like to include at your wedding, and begin to brainstorm some specific themes as this will further help you decide upon a venue.

The Venue and Setting a Date

This is important as everything else will work around it. Ensure that your theme and style compliments the venue and that it has enough space for all the guests you would like to invite. Once the venue is booked it’s time to send save the date cards. This will help your guests pre-plan outfits and accommodation, ensuring maximum attendance. Try to do this as soon as you have secured a venue date.

Consider Suppliers

Some venues come with suppliers but if they don’t you will need to consider, a photographer, florist, and catering. Do some research into the best in the area within your budget, and their specific styles. Ask friends and family who they used for recommendations.

The Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is arguably one of the most exciting parts of planning the big day, finding a dress you feel beautiful yet comfortable in is not always an easy task especially if you have specific requirements. Start this process early once you have a venue in mind, so that you can ensure your dress fits into the theme and style you have chosen.

It is important to seek help from friends, family, or a professional if planning becomes overwhelming. Remember to relax, smile, and enjoy the day you have dreamed about since being a child – after all the most important part is that you are getting to marry your best friend.

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