These Ideas Will Turn Your Bathroom into A Luxury Paradise

By Jo Phillips

It’s time to consider giving your bathroom a luxurious makeover if you’re just not satisfied with the layout, accessories, and organisation. When you enter the room, you need to have the impression that you’re arriving at an opulent hotel or a world-class spa resort, but one that is actually in your own home. 

As we’ve covered turning your apartment into a modern living space, we want to go deeper with the bathroom specifically. This is how you can make your bathroom a contemporary and luxurious haven that will be the envy of everyone.

Buy expensive towels

Spending money on elegant replacement towels will be a delight and quickly elevate the appearance of your bathroom, especially if the towels there are matched incorrectly and are starting to look torn and worn. Although you might be tempted to purchase a few towels in various colours, white towels will give you a spa like atmosphere.

You will not have to switch out white towels as frequently because they are unlikely to fade or deteriorate in colour. When making your choice, opt for robust, plush fabrics that give you the impression that you are in a luxury hotel.

Replace your showerhead

An improved showerhead can certainly make showering more comfortable for you, but it additionally gives the bathroom a more upscale appearance. This type of bathroom makeover is inexpensive yet effective, especially if you choose a popular rain showerhead. In many instances, changing the showerhead only requires removing the old one and putting in a completely new model, but this GROHE page offers some good advice on the subject.

Remove unnecessary clutter

It’s never a bad moment to organise your bathroom counters, simplify the items in your shower, and make use of options for storage. A crowded bathroom may give off a homely impression, but that doesn’t always mean it’s opulent.

Therefore, keep the number of objects on show in the bathroom to a minimum. Plus, meticulously select boxes to hold the products you do leave out in plain sight. You could also choose a bathroom vanity or extra cupboard for more storage possibilities.

Make different choices with the mirror

A great luxury trend at the moment is abandoning the classic square or rectangular mirror, and instead choosing a perfect circular design. You’d be surprised how much this small substitution can make to your bathroom straight away. A mirror with a plain wooden frame in dark mahogany wood is going to instantly make a bold shift, but pure metallic frames are also acceptable.

Choose smart, classy additions

Your bathroom is a place to wash, shave, and brush your teeth, but it could be so much more. A few select pieces of artwork can really broaden the space and allow your personality to shine through. 

Furthermore, adding some plant life is a great way to not only include some colour into the room, but some plants help clear the air and actually thrive in humid environments like the bathroom. Choices like Aloe Vera, Snake plants, Ferns, Ivy, and lilies all look wonderful and add some charm.

Harness the power of technology

Nothing says “luxury” quite like modern technology in the bathroom. There are dozens of gadgets and gizmos that can make life, but you don’t want to go overboard, as this space should still be a place for escapism. Go for practical ideas like heated towel racks, skirting board LED lighting, and touch-free taps.

Don’t forget a chair

Finally, an elegant wooden chair is the perfect last piece to enhance your bathroom. Adding a wooden chair just exudes class and can also give you an opportunity to have a few more minutes to unwind before exiting the room to begin your day, just don’t let it become a laundry dumping ground!

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