Thy. self; Not Alone

By Jo Phillips

Chloe  Pierre is the founder of thy.self, a platform, and community of thousands of members globally, spearheading the#Wellnessforall movement, which aims to diversify the wellness industry through inclusive community programs, held both on and offline. Read Chloe’s own words here in Ty.self Not alone

Chloe speaks candidly around diversity, inclusivity, mental health and self-confidence. She has answered some questions exclusively for .Cent.

Can you describe in very simple terms what wellness for all really means and is about? 

Wellness for All is an inclusive and ongoing campaign to get people from all backgrounds especially those from marginalised communities, into wellness spaces which aren’t usually advertised or made available to them through marketing and in-store/space customer service. Wellness – its overall education and access to wellbeing should be universal and without discrimination, just like it’s humble beginnings.


Can you suggest 3 to 5 things that are simple by daily activities that creative people can do to keep good mental physical and emotional health? 

  1. Wake up with intention and carry that through the rest of your day
  2. Stay hydrated
  3. Remember to breathe and take regular breaks just to focus on breathing deeply. This can really adjust mindsets, one’s mental health and lower overall stress levels 
  4. Try and remain active at least once a day – even if that’s moving from room to room or standing/ moving to work – especially when working from home
  5. Be honest with yourself about the thoughts that flow through your mind during the day. Learn to understand them, where they are coming from and then decide if they are beneficial to staying or reoccurring in your mind/ space


How can each and every human being do something/say something to themselves every day to build self confidence? 

Quite simply rearranging any thoughts of self-doubt or otherwise with “I can” or “I am”. Some of us have learned behavioural traits which do not serve us or the lift we want to live. In order to change this we need to take ownership of the power within us and that usually begins with how we talk to ourselves, about ourselves.


Do you feel wellness does not cross enough social-emotional and class colour etc lines and if so what dup you feel this is? 

Most definitely. That’s why with thy.self’s #wellnessforall campaign, we actively address that by seeking those who won’t have had wellness opportunities targeted at them and to make them just as much a part of the experience and conversation by just welcoming them. The issue with wellness as an industry and on a whole is that it is exclusive – usually catered for the upper echelons of society or for those who look/ act/ present themselves in a specific way. This is not new, however, it will become a thing of the past. As societal norms breakdown, so will the wellness industry.

What is the best way too built a helpful community amongst your peers in order to support each other (bearing in mind most people are not natural or even trained psychologists)? 

Really basic people skills – understanding and listening breeds helpfulness and eventually, community.


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