Time, Mind and Image; a Concept

By Olivia Newby

When we think of portraits with either art or photography we may think of a clear view of a face with much detail but contrary to that is Sebastiaan Bremer’s new set of works ‘New Portraits’. Find out more here in Time, Mind and Image; a concept

Image left hand side © of Sebastiaan Bremer ‘New Portraits’ exhibition, Houk Gallery.

Surrealism; a powerful subconscious reality when it comes to art. There is a fine line between dealing with the conscious state of mind and the unconscious when the image or message in the artwork may not be directly clear. The visuals behind the new works of Sebastiaan Bremer are made up of a dusty reality built on your own imagination.

Understanding this photographer and artist, Sebastiaan Bremer captures images using time and memory to create blurred motion in his silhouette portraits. Working independently in his studio Bremer immersed himself into this idea of being disorientated with time and the impact on memory and the brain.

Image credited to Houk Gallery.

Understanding the relationship between these concepts Bremer turns the camera onto himself. A portrait image of himself is taken, time negotiated with the camera shutter, creating in front of him a distorted image of his face.

Movement and time complement each other perfectly; the slow shutter shot allows the camera to capture a moving blurred image. Undoubtedly this imagery immerses your imagination into what is really seen. Contrary, to a clear perfectly sharp focused and detailed image, here can we decide what really lies behind the focus of time and picture?

The exhibition is a series of Bremer’s ‘New Portraits’ that draws you in slowly to the marks of an obscure portrait. Simultaneously soft line marks ripple through his photographs, lying on a velvet pastel background, slowly exposing a subtle face to the imagination. Bijou rather, reveals a blurred photograph, yet you decide the detailing as the viewer bringing into focus what you choose to see.

Point overlooked; art is after all, about personal perception. Bremer’s recent exhibition ‘New Portraits’ encapsulates this idea of combining time and mind into his photography completely.

Personal to himself, Bremer relied on himself as well as his relatives and friends to complete the series of images. Retaliating the norm of portraits in a remarkable way. Materialised that we should be exposed to every crevice, eyelash, and wrinkle of a portrait. Removing the details entails your own perception. Evidently, there is no memory to reflect back on with Bremer’s photography but take your time to immerse yourself into your own conception, time is taken in your own reality. 

Sebastiaan Bremer’s ‘New Portrait’s exhibition is held at the Houk Gallery in New York and is running from 6th September through to the 1st October 2022 

To find out more about Sebastiaan Bremer’s ‘New Portraits’ exhibition please visit here www.houkgallery.com

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